This year is full of comebacks. Let’s check together what is happening on the music scene.

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Taylor Swift is back with a remake of the album RED (Taylor’s version) with a 10 minutes version of “All too well”.

One and only Adele is here with the album “30” that has been cooking since 2019 (thanks, COVID). Vinyl sales are skyrocketing first time after 34 years.

Kids are getting deals from the major labels by being popular on Tik-Tok.

Ed Sheeran is finally releasing a song with Elton John, something very Christmassy is on the way.

Coldplay is back on tour after finding a way to make touring more sustainable.

ABBA is back. Wait, what? THE ABBA is back.

So, I guess rebirth is a way to figure out how to make it work for you. It might be remaking old songs, doing holograms, focusing on world ecological problems or just crying your heart out in the records. So super-sweet pop playlist for your ears is already here, ready to strike back.

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