There are so many things to be angry about in a pandemic, and we have all been there. We can’t see our loved ones, travel, dance in the clubs, go to gigs or enjoy the things we used to. It is no surprise that now and then you might feel mad. Instead of nourishing it – learn to unwind. I followed tips by specialists on how to remedy madness and found a song for each. All records are recent releases, so I hope you will discover something new for your ears.

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Breathe in breathe out / Calm down

Ólafur Arnalds – A Sunrise Session with JFDR (some kind of peace)

For some people, it may be meditation; for others, journaling or deep breathing – do whatever it takes to encourage relaxation. 

Somehow Ólafur Arnalds and peace sounds like a synonym to me. Icelandic performer brings calmness with his music. In March, on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home), he released a 15 minutes delicate concert. Filmed in his tree-lined studio in Reykjavík, Iceland (the former studio of Sigur Rós). Deep dive into sounds of strings and piano to find your zen zone. 

Talk to your friend

Ashe and Finneas – “Till Forever Falls Apart”

There is no better way to calm down than talk to someone you trust face to face. Friends don’t judge. They are here to listen and may give you a different perspective. One of my favorite songs at this time is “Till Forever Falls Apart”. You might say this song is about lovers, but as Ashe told in one of the interviews, it is definitely about friendship. She wrote it thinking about Finneas (Billie Eilish’s super talented brother and producer behind her songs). In this song, they use a metaphor about the end of the world that all of us can relate to. Just listen to the lyrics “But if shit hits the fan, we’re not alone” and call a friend!

Make yourself laugh

The Killers – “C’est La Vie”

Laughter will help you to pull your mind on something else instead of focusing on anger. Also, it boosts your immune system and increases the endorphins (feel-good chemicals) level. A recent song that made me laugh was The Killers new piece with a French title, “C’est La Vie” (eng. That’s life), catchy “Do-do-do-bah”, and Gospel choir at the end. Very uplifting song and will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Move your body

Jungle – Keep Moving

Just go for a run or put your boxing gloves on. When you’re angry, your muscles tense up. To release the tension, you need to shake it off with physical activities. Dancing always works!

“Keep Moving” is a lead single from the upcoming and very anticipated Jungle (British duo) new album “Loving in Stereo”, which will be released this August. “If I can’t understand it / I’ll find another way,” – these are really the lines we need to hear while being in a rage. You can feel the summer groove in the air while listening to the song, and it will definitely move your body. Pay special attention to the video; it was filmed in one take! Pretty amazing! 

Change your surrounding

Rhye – “Home” (album)  Window Swap edition

Just walk out of your room or step outside for five minutes; it will easily disrupt the track of your mind.It is challenging to change your quarantine surroundings, but you can have a runway through your computer screen thanks to the Window Swap project. This is a quarantine project created by a Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam couple. Tune in for different picturesque views through other people’s windows and change your surrounding. Band Rhye released a new album called “Home” and made a unique collaboration with the project. You can listen to the new album and look through Mike Milosh’s house in California. Smoothing views. 

Let it go

Julia Stone feat. Matt Berringer – “We All Have”

Of course, you can always break something (safely), but maybe let it go because you will figure out how to make it in this nerve-wracking time. 

Julia Stone (from Angus & Julia Stone), together with Matt Berringer (The National frontman), released a dreamy song called “We All Have.” A repetitive melody helps to relax. It sounds a bit like a mantra that everything will be alright. I really encourage you to find more of Julia’s work as her new era as a solo artist seems very promising and exciting.

Don’t look back in anger. You got it, folks!

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