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I love desserts. Not madly, but it’s a perfect Saturday breakfast menu for me. So once, when I was walking in circles around the windows of one bakery in town, overly-kind-sales-lady asked me if I know what kind of cake I want. And as usual, I didn’t. My only requirement for a dessert is “It has to be beautiful”. However, the overly-kind-sales-lady explained to me that this is obviously the worst way to choose what to eat. But why would I want to watch into a colorless blob lazily lying on my plate?

And the same rules apply to some clothes that most of us pick as a dessert for our outfit – it just has to be pretty without any convincing reason. I believed so until Viktorija Bugajenko – the master chef of dessert-like clothing brand and fashion design studio Zefyras (a.k.a. Marshmallow) – told me the secret recipe for a really tasty piece of fashion.

We had met just before one of her organized workshops where people cook, bake, deep-fry and boil their own designs of clothes. The topic of the event was a pullover. A long table in the middle of the room was loaded with paper cut-outs for clothes and all kinds of different scissors while in the subtly lighted corner a masterfully crafted dress from the previous workshop was hanging all proud and pretty. At the same moment, Viktorija was getting prepared to make the batter for her soon-to-be-famous cupcakes as she promised to share the recipe of these, too. So behold, Abstract Stylist presents you a two-recipe cookbook by Zefyras!


Sugar-free eye candy fashion (1 serving)

Creating this piece of clothing requires passion, time and involvement in the whole process. However, I recommend not hesitating to try making one, as later on you would be awarded the sensible, smart and unique result that you would definitely be proud of. 

So you are going to need:

2 cups of creativity / You can find tendencies of creativity in everyone if you take a better look. I myself was eager to experiment with clothes or hairstyles from a young age, so my family already then felt that something interesting would be coming out from me in the future. However, living from creativity normally wasn’t considered to be an assurance of steady income and a solid career, so I tried to trick myself and chose social sciences for my studies. I believed that I had succeeded: I had a nice job at school as a social educator and career consultant, finished my Master’s degree at university and had my pupils to look after. Not long after I had realized that there are too many problems and too little people that would willingly make an effort to solve the issues – all of this for me as a young person felt so empowering that I decided to leave my so-to-speak comfort zone and have nothing instead of this disappointing experience. I believed that you have to be happy when going to work and for the last 6 years since Zefyras was launched I have never thought otherwise. As soon as you own a brand, people like to treat it as a business, but for me, it’s a space to work as an artist where I am able to create. My only challenge now is to be able to offer to customers of Zefyras something more exciting than it was a day before.

1.5 glass of adventure / In these times clothes is so generic and easily approachable as there are plenty of fast-fashion shops and manufacturers. So to buy another piece of apparel takes only seconds and gives an even shorter lifespan of the emotion of having it. In order to fix it, shopping must become more than just carrying around a nice bag full of worthless fabric. This is why Zefyras cares so much to offer an experience of possessing a piece of clothing that brings together a story behind choosing, creating and making it. Our customers always get a chance to face it by themselves at our workshops where they make their own personal designs finding the best way to express their personality and creativity. Sometimes, it might even become a challenge, as they have to really ask themselves what they want and who they are. After receiving individually designed pieces realized by our team, there is no way that this pullover, for example, which is charged with personal time and effort doesn’t have any value added to it. Moreover, Zefyras is willing to give an adventure for our customers even if they have never participated in one of our workshops. As a person comes to our studio, the first thing they see is a space full of life: someone is cutting fabric lying on the ground, laughter comes from another side and suddenly they become a part of it. When a person tries some clothes on him/ her, we always ask how he/ she feels. Because beauty is very personal and it means nothing if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it on. We search for the most correct answer suitable for that one person, so in the process, we change, adapt, and customize it until it feels like a perfect piece.


3/5 teaspoon of experience / Team of Zefyras is full of experienced people, who have been mastering their craft for 20-30 years already. Nonetheless, these people don’t get bored or stuck in one place and keep searching for new solutions making clothes lighter, more interesting and in the best quality. I love having passionate colleagues as I know that they go to work in the same way as I do – it’s a pleasure to spend an extra minute in the process of creation. There are clothes that we craft for a long time because who decides when is the last dot being added? As for instance, there was a coat which was finished in 6 months because we kept adjusting it until a right person found the perfect match. We seek for maximum comfort because it can be beautiful, too. Even when creating evening or wedding dresses we don’t want that the woman that wears it on would only think how to get home as soon as possible to take the dress down. This is why our experience in crafting always goes step to step together with advice and honesty to help in finding what you really search for.


1 handful of inspiration / Talking about inspiration, I like 60’s and 70’s aesthetics, the best example for it would be the TV drama series “Mad Men”. I love everything about it: from clothes, style and architecture to interior, lifestyle and sensation of it. 

Music is always a good way to find aspiration for your work. But I would offer to try listening to something you don’t usually do or maybe something you even don’t like because it brings emotion. For me, personally, it’s not the music but the performer who is the key in it as it brings more dimensional flavour sense to it.


A pinch of style / I have always thought that Zefyras style is something called classics with a pinch of fun. From casual clothes with a secret detail to it, like a black jacket with red lining to unique double-sided coat gushing with vivid colours. Someone has even compared our clothes with tricksy classics. Some see minimalism in them, others find Japanese tones or even vintage hints. All of these are true and I am very happy that people find our garments from their personal point of view because they can notice what they most like. Universality is always timeless and suitable for everyone’s style – it‘s only important to make it in your own original way. 

0,33 stick of dedication / Purchasing a piece of clothes is a commitment to do it reasonably and responsibly but not less than an investment. Clothes that you can find in Zefyras store I wouldn’t consider as cheap and I don’t believe it could be otherwise. Our clothes come with the highest quality craft and time-proof material as neoprene is very long lasting fabric. I have been myself sharing one pullover with my husband for 3 years already and it still is in very good shape! When a customer is picking his own gourmet at our studio, we always look into all other possible outfits that he or she could combine to an already existing wardrobe. And that’s not it as we always work with maximum attention and care to create the connection with our customers and fulfilling their needs because they leave with an authentic, individually crafted gem for their style. 


Pour everything in one bowl, mix until you reach the most suiting texture for you and leave it to simmer for a while until it’s perfect to consume. Remember that only the best quality materials, experienced craft and attention to detail, as much as finding the highest point of beauty and comfort can promise a long and meaningful relationship with the clothes you choose to wear.

Cupcakes by Zefyras (12 servings)

For very tasty and healthy flourless and gluten-free cupcakes you will need:

1 can of chickpeas

2 eggs

1⁄3glass of unsweetened cocoa powder

3 tablespoons of coconut oil 

2 bananas or fresh dates


Drain the chickpeas and blend until smooth. Do the same with bananas or dates. If coconut is solid heat it in a saucepan until liquid. Pour the eggs in the bowl, pour coconut oil, put cocoa powder and blended dates or bananas with chickpeas – stir well. Pour batter into cupcake form and put it in the oven preheated to 180ºC for about 20 minutes.

This recipe is easy to improvise and make it differently every time depending on your mood or company.


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