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The end is near. We all are waiting for it with a bit of fear and hope. This month signifies not only an anticipation of the troublesome 2020 but also cutting out those non-sustainable patterns in fashion. Seems that the new fashion norm is shaping as diverse, brave, and generous for all. Here is what the highlights of December in Fashion are all about. 

Trends in time of Cholera

From headscarves, as you were a gang member (to cover your oily hair, of course) to famous grey sweatpants for Zoom business meetings – dark times truly have brought us new fashion habits. Dazed and Confused have done the research and picked the most prominent attributes of 2020. Have you considered wearing that edgy face mask even when it is all over? Please do forget the Crocs, though.

YSL, please eat some cake

The YSL collection SS21 caught the attention not only for its beautiful designs but also for that all the models were chosen for the campaign were skinny as a rail. Not the first track record like this for YSL since its commercial was banned for promoting unhealthy looks back in 2015. We hope YSL will not be sitting on the bench anymore and will join others who celebrate diversity in body shapes.  

Closing the fabric waste cycle

Did you know that 13 million of textile waste has been produced every year? Think about it when buying another white t-shirt for your wardrobe. Burberry, together with the British fashion Council has launched ReBurberry Fashion Initiative to commit to the more sustainable use of fabrics. Basically, Burberry will be donating its stock leftovers to fashion students to work with. It is a great way to close the waste cycle and support young creative minds!

Creatives for Lebanon

Remember the infamous Beirut explosion, which almost has destroyed the city in 2020? The International community tries to leverage creatives to make and donate fashion pieces to the Beirut store. Brands such as Jacquemus, Miu Miu, Alaïa, among others, have already contributed with their special edition pieces. All the money raised is going to Beirut Emergency Fund. I believe in humanity once again!

It is not about the end. It is about the future

Many fashion brands struggle with launching the collections as physical shows are not possible this year. But not BalenciagaThe Afterworld: the Age of Tomorrow is the newest fashion house campaign – in video game format! The showcase is apocalyptical, futuristic, and so gen Z. Total of 50 Avatars are dressed in the neo-medieval style of Balenciaga’s Fall Collection 2021 looks. Will it raise the brand’s popularity in the geek community? 

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