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January suggests that we will come back to some kind of normality in 2021, well, at least the fashion world will. We have witnessed many major collection campaigns already launched – those are creative, shiny, and bold like nothing has happened. Let’s follow this motion, having high hopes rooted in us after all.  

Back to American roots

In January, the world witnessed Joe Biden swearing-in as 46th President of the United States and (FINALLY!) bringing dignity and good vibes to the party. 

The Inauguration event was certainly a fashion show for itself. We should admire Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s choices who picked the outfits of less-known American designers for the occasion. Dr. Jill Biden wore a blue coat and dress by Markarian, the sustainable brand from New York City, and Kamala Harris wore a purple outfit by Black-American designer Christopher John Rogers. So many symbolic details telling on good things ahead. 

Rise like a phoenix, Elsa 

Continuing the Inauguration topic, Lady Gaga had won it all when she showed up with custom Schiaparelli Haute Couture. A spectacular dress with a huge golden dove on Gaga’s chest stole the moment! 

It seems that Daniel Roseberry, creative director of Schiaparelli, is bringing back the fashion house to its glorious times. The internet broke when Kim Kardashian wore a Schiaparelli dress for a Christmas party and looked like the additional member of the Ninja Turtles squad. The newest collection of this quirky label is so different than any other trend – the already famous six-pack bodice even look so practical to cover that lockdown overweight. 

It’s man’s man’s world 

What about men’s fashion, huh? Louis Vuitton took the unexpected twist with its Men FW21 collection full of theatrical dandy/pimp characters that look like a mix of Outkast’s Hey Ya music clip and gangsta style Chalky White. This is so new for classical Louis. You are not the edgiest soul anymore, Balenciaga

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons debuted with their collaboration for the Men’s SS21 collection. And it is a true candy land! The collection is full of perfect geometrical forms and bright colors (so Prada), and cool suiting (so Raf). Wes Anderson can be chill about future costumes for his movie – it has been sorted out for him. 

Tell me a fortune, Dior

Dior has just launched its SS21 collection campaign. The newest collection is called Tarot and inspired (you guessed it right) – by spells and magic. Dior wants to celebrate contrasts, existing contradictions, and dualism with this campaign. The campaign photoshoot looks like gloomy Renaissance oil paintings filled with gold, burgundy and surrounded by royal relicts. Smells like myrrh here. Draw your destiny card!

Celebrating roots of human civilization

The scientists say that homo sapiens most likely developed in Africa. Why not celebrate this region’s impact on human couture then? V&A has announced that its biggest fashion exhibition in 2022 will be on African style. The show will display the most prominent African fashion pieces from the 20th century to current times. Before buying the ticket to the show, get to know more about Kofi Ansah, Chris Seydou, or Alphadi to already have your favorites! 

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