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In November, Fashion News captured the new normal momentum in the fashion industry. It seems that the pandemic cannot tame creativity. Designers are finding their ways to create and share their works with us despite the challenges. In this momentum, we notice that sustainability, as well as futuristic visions and fears, have become the drivers of creativity in fashion. And there is HOPE – dressed in white.

Color of purity

Kamala Harris, the first Black and first South Asian Vice President-elect (it’s hard to fill those shoes), addressed the country wearing the white suit. It must be done for a reason because there is a strong symbolic meaning behind a white-clothing choice in American political history. 

Women wearing white to express female empowerment began in the early 20th century when the Suffragette movement chose the color to represent pure purpose, dignity, and hopes.

However, symbolic meanings sometimes get lost in translation. The political champion New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez featured in Vanity Fair magazine’s cover wearing a high fashion white suffragette style suit. It caused quite a critique for a congresswoman for choosing luxury fashion while she preaches socialist political views in her political agenda. Maybe purity should not be that expensive, after all.

Better than Netflix binge-watch 

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele never stops giving surprises. Alessandro has announced his plans to present the upcoming Gucci collection through a seven-part mini-series (how about a deal with Netflix, Alessandro?). The short films will be co-directed by Gus Van Sant, the cult director behind the movies My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy. The casting includes Florence Welch, Billie Eilish, and Harry Styles, among others. The upcoming Gucci collection, called OUVERTURE of Something that Never Ended, is set to be released on 16-22 November on guccifest.com. Can’t wait to binge-watch it!

Sneakers fan alert

A few eye-catching sneaker collaborations have dropped this month. The new Adidas Originals by Craig Green collection launched on 7 November. British fashion designer Craig Green who is known for his experimentation with form and functionality has updated the Originals design to anatomical pieces for futuristic times.  

Meanwhile, Asics presented its collaboration with Kiko Kostadinov men’s fashion designer from London. Sneakers lovers say that Kiko gives the legendary Asics Gel-Lyte III its most dramatic makeover yet. You can do your marathon in style now!

His Royal Sustainable Fashion

Prince Charles has recently spoken about the need to use Earth resources wisely and seek sustainable fashion consumption. For this good deed, the Prince’s Trust, together with Mr. Porter and Yoox, has co-founded a training program called The Modern Artisan. Enlisted students have prepared the sustainable luxury Men’s capsule collection you can find on mrporter.com. All the profit of sold items will go for charity activities of the Prince’s Trust

The most beautiful accessory is your smile face mask

The show must go on, especially when it is Paris Fashion Week. Even if the concept of PFW has changed completely this year because of the global pandemic (online shows instead of real ones), many people gathered in the streets to show their outfits and attitudes. Street fashion photographer Yu Fujiwara captured rebellious moments of people equipped to fight the virus wearing face masks. Whether it is a surgeon or Hannibal Lecter’s style one.

Nomadic talents

It seems that the fashion world is becoming more and more nomadic. Fashion designers are inspired by so many different cultural and ethnic roots these days. Have you heard about Ghana style fashion? Me neither! Vogue picked five designers reconstructing Ghana traditions in clothing for us to mesmerize. AnOther magazine picked their favorite young designers from Peru to Russia – what a colorful world!

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