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Abstract Stylist and our picked October fashion news are celebrating the power of women together! Much has happened this month in connection to the topic – from inspiring female collaborations to causes contributing to women empowerment. And we are happy to share with you some of our collected fashion highlights that speak loudly for inclusiveness and building creative yet socially responsible communities. 

Burberry has killed Maria Callas 7 times

From now on, Burberry can be proud not only of its iconic trench coats. Since the fashion giant got itself involved in some conceptual art as well! Riccardo Tisci, Chief creative officer of Burberry Group, has collaborated with the woman of the century and his lifetime friend Marina Abramovic to create costumes for her opera project ‘7 Deaths of Maria Callas’. Marina’s project’s main idea is love in all its forms. So, Riccardo’s goal was to express the feeling from its lightest to the darkest tones. When the worlds of fashion and art collide, beautiful creations are born, and they speak for themselves.  

I have to wear a burka

What about feminism when the only girl’s right is to choose the color of her burka? 

Mous Lamrabat is a fashion photographer born in the north of Morocco who has learned his ways to express the real feminine swag even it is fully covered in garments. Mous is mixing western ‘dazed and confused’ aesthetics with his Moroccan heritage. One of the Mous’ photographs of a sassy woman in Mickey Mouse style burka shouts out: If you don’t want to see us, at least listen to us. 

If you really want to listen, here is a playlist inspiration: Burka Band – Burka Blue Orig.

Girls are made to play

Nike has launched a new initiative called ‘Girls are made to play.’ This initiative is committed to getting girls into sports. There are many barriers worldwide for girls to do sports and be physically active as boys usually are. Nike is willing to help with providing the necessary tools and resources to make changes in this regard. Hopefully, it will also help to raise another Serena Williams or two! 

Think Pink October

As every year, October is covered in pink to raise awareness of breast cancer. Annual events are being organized by major breast cancer charities that commit to educating people worldwide about the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Many fashion industry players from Balenciaga to Savage X Fenty support the cause by creating something special. Follow #thinkpink on Instagram to know more about the cause and how we can support each other. 

Skin-on-skin intimacy

There is no doubt that Simone Rocha has become a prominent name in the fashion world. Despite having a strong business game in the industry, Simone took quite a subtle twist collaborating with Kerry J Dean, a conceptual photographer for Rocha’s A/W20 collection. Dean has created a beautiful zine called ‘Self, Son, and Simone.’ Which portraits Dean herself wearing Rocha’s newest collection items and embracing her 3-year old son. This beautiful zine captures intimate moments of bare femininity, motherhood, and manifests the poetic collection Rocha has prepared for the colder times. 

Winter is coming

Another creative collaboration (this one you can shop HERE) has landed! BOOM! The Maison Margiela wants to keep you warm this upcoming winter season and shook hands with famous outwear brand The North Face. New MM6 (the new Maison Margiela diffusion line) collection of parkas, jackets, and many other winter apparel items were released this October. Winter, you can come now. 


It seems that October has become even darker this year. Kenzo Takada, founder of fashion house Kenzo, has died aged 81, from complications linked to coronavirus this month. Raise a glass to the creator who gave his life to liberate women’s fashion industry through his unique and free-spirited aesthetic. Kenzo Takada gave us wide sleeves, a lot of zippers, and unstructured silhouettes for proper disguise.  

Damn you 2020, seriously…

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