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Well, let’s celebrate this month by raising our glasses to the legend Muccia Prada for giving us iconic looks to die for. Let’s watch the iconic docu-series about Roy Halston on our Netflix screens and think about the fabrics of the future, shall we? May hot topics are down below!

Muccia Prada celebrates her 72 birthday 

The legendary and one of the most influential women of the fashion business turned 72 this month! Muccia Prada inherited her grandfather’s leather goods company in 1978 and has since transformed it into a multi-billion dollar brand. In 1985, Miuccia introduced the Prada handbag made of nylon, which immediately became an iconic ‘it bag’ ever since. 

In 1992, following the Prada success, Miuccia released the Miu Miu – more of a personal brand (N. B. Miu Miu name originates from Miuccia Prada’s family nickname).

To know more about this exceptional person, check the 5 unusual facts about Miuccia (Ph.D. in Political Science, what??) and watch this new mini Prada movie created by Xavier Dolan featuring rising fashion star Hunter Schafer.

Fendi is offering a psychedelic trip in the woods

In a second collaboration with New York artist Sarah Coleman, known for her disruptive manipulation, Fendi has introduced a summer capsule collection inspired by the sensation of vertigo and 70s psychedelia. The collection is quite exceptional because of the distorted double F pattern, and it includes a Polaroid camera, Bento box, camping equipment set (what about the camping trip, kids?). You can check and shop this capsule here.

And to get to know what is the real sensation of vertigo – just remember to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) – hold tight!

All eyes are on Halston 

The most important fashion event has happened on the Netflix screen! The new mini-series about iconic American fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick (mostly called Halston) was released. We could not be more pleased to witness Ewan McGregor in the main role. His impersonation of Halston is simply marvelous! It seems that drama continues even out of the screen – Halston relatives and family called the show inaccurate and very fictional. 

Anyhow, see the show (everyone is doing it!) and get some Halston guidelines for your wardrobe

Mylo is the new leather! 

It is not MILO – a dog of famous Stanley Ipkiss (movie The Mask, remember?) it is M Y L O, the magic mushroom (Mycelliumis), which will save the fashion world (hopefully). This new material looks and feels like real leather and has really good manufacturing qualities. And, of course, it is way more sustainable than real leather!

Mylo is getting momentum as Adidas is about to release a new version of the classic Stan Smith using this new shroom material! 

Green is new black, apparently

The world of Instagram fashionistas likes to create its own rules. Even though Pantone has elected the tones of grey and yellow as colors of 2021, Instagram fashion turned the greenway. This color dominates in the feed – from bright green jackets and pants to heels. Some iconic green items have emerged already – sexy Balenciaga stilettos, classy Bottega Veneta bags, or Insta iconic green Attico blazer are all over Instagram lately. 

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