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September is definitely a new year for the fashion industry. Yes, I am talking about the famous September issue. Here are the most talked-about fashion news on social media. From legendary Britney Spears fans rising to save the princess to initiating changing the old school fashion industry standards.


This week Emily Ratajkowski wrote an inspiring piece for The Cut magazine about owning her image. In a short article model and an actress opens up about her experience as a woman in fashion and cinema. One of the biggest issues she’s talking about is owning her image, well, quite literally. Also, she talks about how often that image is manipulated and sold for tabloids. But, when she reposted one photo of herself taken by a paparazzi on her Instagram stories, she got sued. Read the full story here.


As it might seem that 2020 is the new 2008 for Britney, a lot is going on with this pop star. On August 18th this year, Britney filed court papers asking to remove her father as her conservator. Wait. What? It’s been a while since her father is legally managing her career, finances, and choices. To give you an example – Britney can’t vote or drive or go out without her father’s permission. Spears fans noticed hidden help messages in her Instagram account, and that’s how the #FreeBritney movement started. Now, the conservatorship extended until 2021, and the court also revealed that her funds’ trustee is her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears, and she’s asking for even more. It seems that Britney’s family is controlling her for over a decade now, or is she? Everything is just so complicated, but here’s a timeline of recent events.


No new clothes for 30 days! Is this mission impossible? Well, do you know that it would take 13 years to drink the water needed to make one t-shirt and one pair of jeans? Shocking. So be kind to the planet and make this month #SecondHandSeptemper. Don’t forget to share it on social media to encourage others. And remember, you can always participate in #SecondHandAlways.


This Instagram account is a safe place for models. It talks about models being forced into an unhealthy work environment, features memes about everyday life, and, most importantly, fights for more realistic beauty standards. This Instagram page also started a petition, asking the biggest fashion brands to stop killing young people and change fashion standards. “Out of a poll of 4,481 of my followers, 65% said that they had an eating disorder as a direct result of modeling expectations.” Sign!


Remember an extraordinary brand build by Demna Gvasalia Vetements? Well, he’s not a creative director there anymore. In 2019 September, he moved to the Balenciaga brand full time as a creative director. But it seems his original brand came back to haunt him. It appears that the 2019 Vetements t-shirt is kind of similar to Balenciagas‘ new one… And they posted it on their Instagram account with a golden caption. Oh, and, by the way, Vetements‘ CEO is Guram Gvasalia, Demna brother. See for yourself.



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