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Who loves getting up early on a dark and cold morning or rushing back home because it’s pouring and windy instead of staying all warm and cozy with your friends in a bar? Well, at least for me it is a massive September issue I encounter each fall. So even if saying goodbyes to your summer is always quite bittersweet (something like the taste of Gin &Tonic), you can at least try making it as memorable as possible. Our way of closing the warm season was meeting up with two extremely inspiring and creative girls Krista and Viktorija who last spring launched their breakfast & picnic club – First Blush Club – something between the pink tones of rising sun blended with a smell of coffee in the morning and the sound of sparkling bobbles combined with friends’ laugh in the sunset.

Tell us how did you meet and then ended up finding the First Blush Club breakfast community?

It happened that we knew each other from social media but never before had met in person, so one day we simply decided to go for a picnic together. There was one picnic, then another and after the third one, we noticed that besides our morning coffee and croissants we are also enjoying a real friendship. Of course, in the beginning, we weren’t even thinking about organizing any public picnics. 


So, how did it evolve into a public event?

Initially, when developing the First Blush Club idea, we had been considering to organise a few public picnics in different spots of Vilnius, taking into account their individual mood and spirit. However, all the sudden we landed an even better idea – since Viktorija has been working at the MO Museum, our picnics had been included in the MO calendar before we actually got to learn about this! Best motivation without words!

Talking about the First Blush Club breakfast held at MO Museum – what‘s the idea behind it?


Because this mostly happens in the evening, we decided that it would be more proper to call it as a picnic instead of a breakfast event – a picnic is more versatile for its flexible timing. It has a different theme every time but our “big topic” remains the same each time – learning a sustainable living. Every single picnic has its speaker and friends who are helping us to create the most beautiful aesthetics of table decor and also provide our table with some essentials, like food and drinks for our guests.

At the time we are speaking, there have been already 3 picnics held by the First Blush Club. What kind of messages they were “tasked” to convey?

Well, the first one was held together with the NULA brand which representative talked about the harmful usage of plastic and its products which are increasingly polluting the environment and especially the oceans. It‘s also very important these days to speak about one’s personal wellbeing, thus, the second picnic, with dessert makers from Feed My Sister at the front, was dedicated to the theme of sugar. And then the third one was all about the magic of coffee with its guru Emanuelis Ryklys. Upcoming – the forth – led by Urte Dervynas and discussing the food culture. Overall, every time we are aiming to find someone really inspiring who could give us all some guidance and encouragement to take important steps towards leading a sustainable lifestyle. For starters, everyone can commit to 3 simple changes – stop using paper coffee cups, cut-off on plastic bags, and start recycling.

You are talking about very important and broadly-discussed topics nowadays, but your format seems to be quite unique in our country, isn’t it?

Yes, it seems so. At least not that we have noticed something similar taking place. On the other hand, our picnics can have various faces. If it is not exclusively an event for the museum’s guests, it can be also arranged in a form of a private date for a couple or as part of a bachelorette party – you name it. But the most important mission is still to bring the breakfast culture back in our lives, which is not only about eating eggs before going to work – in our view, it’s more about enjoying what you have on your table together with people you spare a moment with.

Where do all of your inspirations come from? Is it deep-diving to Pinterest?

Viktorija has a creative profile and works with communication and creative projects, while Krista has her background in design. But every picnic brings its own inspirations and concept together with its speaker, so our aim is to make it aligned, well-balanced and aesthetically-enriched. First comes a topic of the picnic, then everything else. Let’s take the picnic with Emanuelis Ryklys, for instance. From the moment you learn about his personal background and story behind the Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories, it is very simple to adjust the right mood.


We asked you to create a kitsch version of the breakfast table – what is it like?


It reflects the feeling of home with chaotic randomness, with more patterns and textures. Not only cutlery or tableware is more colourful and bold, but food also has more contrasts of tastes and smells. It is the closest version to our daily life breakfast when you don’t try to imitate – your purpose is to eat, you also can see the messy “backstage” of preparations and you get the closest you can to the real sensation of simply enjoying your meal without even thinking about it.

And how do you manage to dodge the real kitsch of breakfast, brunch or picnic created by Instagram or other media where it is only created firstly to show-off?

No doubt, what you see naturally becomes some kind of inspiration, no matter if you want to avoid it or not. And even if it is kitschy, it is still an inspiration. The “product” we create might also rely on these popular tendencies or aftertastes, but we prefer to find our own interpretation of the same thing. Eventually, it becomes your lifestyle because the table set we prepared for our picnic today and a simple one made only for two of us would look very similar. Even when preparing for a simple picnic we usually ride together on our bikes to a market to buy some flowers just “for the mood”. The smallest details do really matter.

What is your perfect breakfast like, if there is time for that?

Krista: For quite some time I had to skip my breakfast routine in the morning, even if it always was the most enjoyable time of the day. Now I love spending slow mornings on the weekends, especially, if they are shared with friends. It’s a wonderful start of the day.

Viktorija: I don’t find much time for it lately, too. However, for me, breakfast is the tastiest part of the day, and most importantly – with pancakes!

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