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It is so true that everything hides in the details! Not that it’s the first time I get to understand this, nor I am implying the hair ties as Invisibobble invented by Sophie Trelles Tvedebeing not easy to notice (well, maybe I am). But first, let me briefly tell you my own story surrounding this cutting-edge hair product from Denmark – Invisibobble.

Apparently, for my own surprise, our relationship has been lasting for quite a long time already, what instantly sounds like fiction because a standard lifetime of any hair tie is around a month (of course, depending on how lucky you are). Five years ago, my roommate gave me my first Invisibobble and I still have the same one in my hair up to this day – even now when writing this intro for you. On this happy note, I invite you to meet Sophie, founder of Invisibobble, who is sharing with us all the details behind such a small, casual yet important thing in hairy people’s lives – a hair tie!

First of all, as the Hair Ties Sorceress, could you tell us where the hair ties disappear all the time?

It’s an unsolved mystery! I think that’s the exact same thing as with the second sock! I doubt that there will be a logical explanation for this any time soon. 


The only difference between the second socks and Invisibobble is that our hair ties also look fancy and fashionable around your wrist. That minimizes the risk of losing them!

How did you come up with this idea of the real game-changer in the hair accessories world – the Invisibobble?

That was back in the days when I was for the first semester at university. I was invited to a bad taste party and tried to figure out an appropriate hair styling. By accident, I stumbled over an old telephone cable that flew across my room. I wrapped it around my hair – my look was a complete and great success at the party!

I woke up in the morning not only with still perfectly set hair, there was no terrible headache I normally got from wearing a strict ponytail with usual hair ties, but also with the idea of Invisibobble, too!

Where there any other options to name the newly invented Invisibobble and, if yes, what were they?

Invisibobble is a cross between two words: invisible, which stands for the fact that the product is invisible in a sense that when you take it out after wearing it there is a trace left, so it looks and feels as if it wasn’t there. The second word “bobble” is a colloquial way of saying “hair tie” in the UK, and it sounds funny, so we went for it. 

At first, our Logo was green, which is unimaginable now… We undertook a big development regarding our brand identity!

With Invisibobble come along many other products – where do all the ideas and inspiration come from?

Our inspiration is everywhere and comes from daily life challenges.

I recognized that the invisibobble ORIGINAL was way too big for thinner hair, that’s why we launched SLIM. NANO can be used for up-dos and special hairstyling while POWER is the one you need while working out – it gives an extra-strong grip and hold.


Our latest and also the biggest launch since the very first Invisibobble is the WAVER – a traceless hairclip that comes in two colors and is the hottest innovation for new hairstyles.

We at Invisibobble see our products as playful supporters that solve our daily hair problems with lots of charm and loveliness.

And following the previous question, which one of your creations is your favorite?

That’s a hard one! They’re all kind of my babies. Of course, I love the ORIGINAL because it was the first one – but as well I am deeply convinced of the ones supporting other needs. 

My current favourite is WAVER because of its innovative character and great properties.


Nowadays a fashion creator is inseparable from the winds of sustainability. Do you consider Invisibobble to be sustainable, too? In what ways? 

At the first look, Invisibobble may seem not to be sustainable and eco-friendly because it’s made of plastic – it’s also not the core of the brand. This being said though, the Invisibobble HAS been made to last a long time. Some people wear a single Invisibobble hair tie for over a year, which is significantly longer than the vast majority of other hair ties are worn for. We don’t believe in one-time use or just to purchase something because it’s trendy. We believe in offering high-quality products that keep their functional promise, which will stay with you for a long time. What’s interesting about Invisibobble products is, exactly because they ARE made of only plastic, unlike most other accessories, it makes our products some of the only accessories that are fully recyclable, and easy to recycle. We also try our best whenever we can, and so, for example, all of our packagings are made of at least 60% recycled materials.

Thousands of girls and boys can’t imagine their lives without Invisibobble – maybe you could tell us the craziest story that came from your customers using these hair accessories?

Once we received a photograph from an Australian farmer who told us she was really happy for the existence of Invisibobble because it’s the only hair ties she can put on her long-haired Australian shepherd dogs to remove the fur from their eyes without them instantly trying to pull them off.

We are a couple of steps away from the summer, so tied up hair will be a big thing again – could you share with our readers what up-dos never get old and what will be on the edge for the upcoming hot season?

I preferably often wear simple hairstyles like high ponytails, messy buns, and styles that are simple and comfortable and not too complicated to deal with. 

I fix my baby hair with the WAVER and then I’m ready to go.

Another favorite hairstyle of mine is a messy bun. You can fix it with our summer collection Happy Hour that symbolizes cocktails. It consists of trendy summer color with a lovely Fruit Charm and our transparent Crystal Clear Invisibobble that represent the melting ice cubes in our favorite summer drinks!

Thank you, Sophie, for your beautiful answers!


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