Today we are presenting a fashion/costume designer and action artist born in Vilnius, Lithuania. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Liora migrated to Germany, where she lives most of the time. She describes herself as a female, 29 years old, with mixed identity of different nationalities. Let’s talk!

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Tell us a little bit about your studies in Germany.

I am studying Fine Arts at the Art Academy of Duesseldorf, Germany. Before, I graduated with a diploma in Fashion and Communication at the Design Department in Düsseldorf. Germany is a country that supports the development of art, and this is what I really appreciate. Now I am at the end of my studies at the art academy of Duesseldorf, an academy with a reputation for being extraordinarily free. Because of that, I developed a specific mindset and consciousness, which helps me in my fashion design.

What is the future of fashion design?

Biotech fabrics and upcycling, e.g., vegan leather made out of mushroom fibers or algae. I follow the brand Ecovative – they produce mushroom-based leather. They even sell DIY-Kits for the breeding of your own mycelium fiber. Also, bioplastics could be the alternative to synthetic fibers – but this area is still in development.

Liora Epstein Installation Foraging, 2017

Do you think fast fashion and sustainability can be compatible?

Yes, partly. I am researching a lot about biotech fabrics – there is this fabric made of bioplastic that is made quickly and sustainably. You can put it into the compost for your plants after the season is over. You can call it super-fast fashion. But this is still a developing field.

How about affordable fashion?

I hope all humans can afford what a person deserves, and I also hope we all will be more conscious to buy the things that we need, and they can sustain for a long time, plus we could wear them with pleasure.

What are fashion designers mostly angry about?

I don’t know if I can represent the views of all fashion designers. I try to use my anger as inspiration for my costumes. Some people call it a criticism of meritocracy. Although I love to do clothes, I was angry about spending too much time in my life on fashion during the fashion studies. I worked day and night with no time to think about what I really like. There was no time for family, friends, or exploring other fields of interest. So, I decided to take a break from this world and applied for the art academy of Düsseldorf in Germany.

Conceptual fashion – for everyone?


How can small fashion creators conquer the world? Especially those living in small regions. Any advice?

I think nobody will conquer the world, but it is also good not to let anybody conquer the world. Isolation in a small region can give you concentration. You can start producing there, network online.

What is the most important part of designing a good garment or object?

Pure intentions.

Liora Epstein Film Diary of Bad Deeds

What should totally come back as a trend?

Always the thing you expect the least. Maybe something conservative of an old area. Laces and collars. Not necessarily European. Maybe combined with some technoid-like aspects.

Minimal fashion: chic or boring?

I think it depends on how much and in what way a person moves. A person with an extroverted manner needs more calm shapes and colors, or the other way round.

How can fashion save the world? Can it?

I believe this is impossible. You cannot ignore fashion, something so important and visual in daily life, so it definitely has power. In most cases, fashion affects you subconsciously. Fashion transmits information about time, energy, social and political attitudes. I don’t know if you can save something with it, but you can try to believe it.

Favorite fashion inspirations?

I have always admired the Japanese and Belgium designs. They have a very balanced and destructed style at the same time.

Where do you see yourself next?

At the moment, I am maturing as a costume designer and performer. I want to establish a costume brand for physically active artists like actors, dancers, and performers. Different characters are my biggest inspiration.

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