Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, celebrated its arrival in Lithuania by taking to the streets of Vilnius with a spectacular display set. Most fashionable Lithuanian influencers paid their tribute by showing their summer wardrobe choices. And we asked them to spill all their thought on this summer trends’ secrets.

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What is your favorite trend for this summer? 

@madwish: this summer must-have is flare floral print pants or jeans. I also love a crop top and oversize shirt with flip flops. 

@alenchicco: My favorite trend for the summer – COLORS!!!!!

@demiinoo: I love how the green became so trendy this year! I think the green color gives us a connection with nature and freedom. I never thought that I would like that bright color, but here we go, I LOVE it!

@grazolis: Bucket hat or a baseball cap. It’s not something new, but a thing that everyone should have at least a few this summer.


Fashion rule that no one should ever break?

@madwish: Don’t wear unflattering fashion!

@alenchicco: Rules can and should be broken but please, not heels!!!

@demiinoo: I think that in fashion there are no rules. You can wear whatever you want! If you like it and you feel comfortable with it!

@grazolis: Don’t seek all the trends, because most of them don’t suit everybody. Instead, wear only the ones that you feel good in and the ones that suit you.


What trend should definitely make a comeback next year?

@madwish: Animal prints & oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets.

@alenchicco: Big hats.

@demiinoo: Definitely oversized clothing!

@grazolis: Pearls! They are coming back, but next year it must be on top!


Who comes first – fashion show trends or street style trends?

@madwish: Street style trends.

@alenchicco: Everything is from the streets, Honey!!!!

@demiinoo: It’s a hard one! But I think that street style trends.

@grazolis: Street style trends. Because I think the trend itself is made in the street. When people catch it, it’s everywhere then.

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