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A digital fashion designer’s definition is definitely not something crazy here in the Metaverse. While others might think this is a future profession, many designers already create, showcase, and sell their digital fashion online. Those are the people with not necessarily IRL fashion design diplomas but rather strong digital modeling skills and creativity.

The best place for digital designers has become Decentraland – a virtual world fully owned by its users, offering the ability to create digital wearables that your avatar can buy and wear. That functionality creates a lot of social sentiment, which is usually a FOMO being not fashionable. 

So here are emerging Decentraland fashion designers that you should definitely wear.


Decentraland creator Doki is one of the most recognizable designers in the space. She’s known for her girly style and various most-wanted hair designs. 

With no one else so good at styling hair, Doki is on a mission to make Decentraland a diverse place – her styles enable people to change not only how they dress but also how they style their hair or even their face.

Dokis doll faces go perfectly with her dreamy peachy crop tops or star earrings. With the flawless technique of 3D modeling, Doki has been behind many more wearables published by other sellers. She works not only as an artist but also shows her skills in lessons and privately commissioned work. 
Doki’s wearables are available to buy here.

Michi Todd

The digital nomad Michi creates his designs with a passion for traveling and a love for different cultures. It can be easily seen where Michi has traveled before – patterns or shapes usually settle down in his designs. 

“My signature when creating wearables is always trying to add some imagination or personality to the design! I’m always thinking, “does this reflect the idea?” 

When I make something, I personally want to feel a bit excited or inspired, so in some cases, if I don’t feel that, I try to develop further to add some seasoning,” says Michi. 

His signature Sweet shorts, Cloudy Cloud Knit sweater, and Sweet hair are creations that will define him in the future.

He is already recognized for his style not only on Decentraland but also in other virtual worlds too. 

You can buy Michi’s wearables here.


One of the first creators in the space, Yannakis, has grown so much during this time. He started by creating steampunk-style wearables, making futuristic avatars sophisticated. If you were walking in Decentraland back in March, you’d probably see many steampunk gentlemen wandering around.

His latest venture, a Metaverse game, Dice Masters, is a perfect playground to showcase his futuristic fantasy wearables that evolved not only in style from loggers to glowing skeletons but also in fantasy too. 

Utility-based wearables now get instantly sold out once they reach the marketplace.

“When I joined DCL, wearables were way simpler with many emissions, not resembling IRL fashion. However, during my time here, the quality of wearables has improved a lot.”

“Nowadays, most wearables look much more realistic and resemble either IRL fashion or fantasy style, whereas before, they were mainly advertisements or wearables for “fun,” says Yannakis.
Buy Yannakis wearables here.


The head of the iconic fashion brand DigiFun, Masha Yong, surely knows Decentraland Haute Couture. The five elements collection, created in collaboration with Yaping Chen, tells the story of the traditional five Chinese elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

All DigiFun designs are recognizable by their sophisticated shapes and textures that give the sense of a movinglive gown. With strong storytelling behind every creation, there’s always something new – either a collaboration with another emerging creator in the space or a real-life art re-imagined to a digital wearable. 
Buy DigiFun wearables here.


VVAMP is a footwear brand with the most shops in the Metaverse. It’s either Voxels, Sandbox, or Decentraland – you’ll probably see them around. The creator, Mike, has a background in fashion, where he worked for almost all of his career. 

Even now, while working with one of the most iconic footwear brands (he keeps the name secret for many reasons), Mike also chooses to explore the Metaverse. Even though there’s not a lot known about the creator, he really seems to know his art and most definitely shoes. 

The one thing that Mike suggested he never thought of doing – is creating digital sneakers because there are already so many of them. VVAMP is also launching an exciting collaboration soon that will make their traditional footwear brighter and crazier!
Buy VVAMP wearables here

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