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Dear readers, we bet you all have heard about the environmental degradation caused mainly by devastating human activities and a subsequent lack of efforts to fix the damage being done. You also most probably have heard about the critical role of fashion industry playing in placing our unique world of nature under threat. In this light, here comes a joined Another Unicorn x Abstract Stylist project on, or rather a contribution to, the environmentally conscious and conceptually outstanding fashion. 

Another Unicorn, a lifestyle brand promoting harmonious and responsible interaction within the environment has united its forces with us – abstract stylists – in order to create THE T-shirt that could last and inspire you to lead your life in harmony with yourself and nature. Together we decided to dedicate our collaboration to the grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Their “home” is the Baltic Sea, which is one of the most polluted seas in the world; therefore, the number of grey seals there is dramatically decreasing. But before it is too late, let us seek the grey seals never leave the waters of the Baltic Sea! Same, as nature never goes out of style!

For this good cause, Goda Pele, the illustrator of the Abstract Stylist has created a unique illustration of a grey seal lying on a white Another Unicorn T-shirt featuring a unisex design and produced of high-quality certified Supima cotton.

Need more inspiration? Here comes a brief interview below with three women standing behind this new Limited Edition Seal T-Shirt collaboration – Lina Bernotaityte, editor-in-chief of Abstract Stylist, illustrator Goda Pele and Elena Lund, founder of Another Unicorn

How close you find yourself to nature?

LINA: Very far. I am not capable of surviving in the wild. Though, I grow my own herbs and tomatoes at home.

From the left: Elena Lund and Lina Bernotaityte
From the left: Elena Lund and Lina Bernotaityte

GODA: Even if I consider myself being a city person, every day I wake up with the sounds of birds and the river. I open my eyes and see the colourful life of the tree outside my window. I live in a wonderful place near the river and forest. So, it happens that I am very close to nature every day 

ELENA: Well, nature somehow symbolizes a higher power, freedom and energy to me. I love being in nature, it helps me to refresh my mind and recharge. But I still need city life. Life is about balance, right?

What is your most favourite thing about it?

LINA: Its ability to start over every season. It’s the main inspiration for my work. Its textures, colours and smells are a lot about meditation and purity.  

GODA: In nature, even if you hear lots of sounds, like animals, birds, or water, it is still very quiet there. It is a huge plus for me – a creative person. I always prefer silence.

ELENA: The most favourite thing is that right now I live with my family in the city of Oslo, where you can hear and see seagulls, feel the sea breeze as well as smell sea every day. Nature is everywhere around us and at the same time inside us. Nature makes me stopping for a while and enjoying the moment.

How environmentally conscious you are when buying a new piece of garment?

LINA: Always. I never buy unnecessary things and prioritize conscious garments. I always seek to find a new home for my old clothes or accessories.

GODA: I prefer buying vintage clothes; I believe that this is the best way to save the environment.

ELENA: I try to be rational and think consciously when buying a new item. I also try being more gentle and careful with the clothes I already own so I could wear them much longer. I noticed that after the very first moment you choose being a responsible consumer, you naturally start picking things more consciously. You don’t want items that are said super trendy because they might make you happy but just for a short time. If I really need a new item of clothing, I rather choose quality and great constructional solutions, also classical clothes with a modern twist. 

Goda Pele
Goda Pele

In what concrete ways do you think we can contribute when preserving our mother Earth?


a) Consume less.

b) Start buying consciously – not using plastic bags every single time, choosing lesser packaging, using reusable bottles and cups.

c) Move consciously – use public transport or any mechanic ways of transportation. 

GODA: The simplest and cheapest way – just stop using so much stuff, always ask yourself if this is really necessary to me. And this cliché “less is more” I think is very true.

ELENA: An idea to follow the values of sustainability came from my inner wish to treat others with respect, the same as I treat myself. I had known the way I want to produce garments, so I just chose to do it with love while being environmentally friendly, carefully selecting manufacturers and producers. I am also extremely happy to observe other brands and relevant institutions coming up with their own action plans, sustainability agendas, fear trade aspects, efforts to stop sweatshops, etc. In everyday life we can start from sorting garbage more carefully, using less plastic in our daily life, carrying groceries in our own shopping bags, riding bikes, or walking more, buying fewer things we even don’t need. 


In addition to the main message, what else do you feel communicating through this Seal T-shirt you are wearing?

LINA: I feel that this is a great way of communicating a healthy lifestyle of nowadays’ people. It’s not really about not buying things and living on the edge. It’s more about making the right decisions that last. We all need a T-shirt to wear, the difference is – I would like to wear that very special T-shirt for the next 10 years or so. 


GODA: As a stylist – I am happy because I know that white minimal design T-shirts is always a good idea to have in your closet. It is a practical and modern choice.
As an illustrator – I am happy my small view of nature being now on your T-shirt.
As a person – I am sad because this T-shirt reminds me of everything that step by step will continue to extinct from our Earth.

ELENA: This Seal T-Shirt is about communicating attentiveness to our global problems related to environmental pollution and global consumption. At the same time, we want to increase the awareness of sustainability and the ability to change our old habits into the new ones that are more environmentally friendly. So, this new Limited Edition Seal T-Shirt says that I’m on my way to create a better future and I invite you to join us! 

Go get your very own Limited Edition Seal T-shirt now here!

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