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Dear ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Alen Chicco – performing his own life and entertaining the lives of others. Indeed, from the very first moment I had met Alen Chicco, I realized us both sharing the brotherhood of l’extravagance. And he truly sees the world as his stage to perform that, not less. Be it an alley in a shopping mall (yes, we met in one of those in Vilnius, check out our photo-shoot), any of those high streets in London or Berlin, or the famous TV show X-Factor – yes, babes, we can turn these places into our catwalks. Like you that, or not. Because self-expression is what matters. And being your real self does matter too.  


Do you remember the day when Alen Chicco was born? I bet it was a day marked with a huge explosion always to be remembered…

Being Alen Chicco has been coded in me from the very beginning, it just took quite some time and bravery to accept that, as well as to start acting as real Chicco. 2-3 years ago, after my graduation in Musical theatre studies, my thoughts, visions, and feelings obtained an actual shape – I engaged myself in make-up, new looks, and image creation. Instagram actually gave a big stimulus for my artistic explorations; also, a few years ago I met my real partners in crime with whom we later started the KulKidz movement. The latter was partially inspired by the so-called Club Kids culture shining brightly in the 90s’ NYC. These Kids became quite famous for their flamboyant behavior and outrageous costumes, as well as for making a party as a constituent part of the culture in a broader sense.


Tell us about your relationship with fashion & kitsch. Which one of those two is closer to your heart? Although, it feels be both know the answer.

I have always been into fashion, but I do not acknowledge the so-called mass fashion, I love being some kind of outrageous extravaganza – a walking art instead. With all my deviations and extremes, as well as if taking into account my “more is more” approach, I am a real kitsch lover. And I have a lot of likeminded friends surrounding me. We are the actual ambassadors of Humana (second-hand chain store). Although, I also get my stage outfits designed by professional designers, such as RoRo. Also, now I might sound controversial but I do support the idea of minimalism, which is so trending now. I do not rely on it when choosing my outfits though. I admire a harmonious and clean environment, I just do not like wearing this “minimal harmony” or “harmonious minimalism” myself.


Do you consider yourself and your appearance being different from the others?

This is not a secret that from time to time I still receive negative and even some kind of insulting comments. And this basically has been continuing since my years at school. I have always been looking differently than the ones around me and this, I believe, triggers all kinds of reactions, be it admiration or, sadly, bullying. Although I was never keen on responding to those negative comments, in the same manner, I get them. Rather than that, I am actually interested in knowing why someone is acting “this way” and what in particular causes negative reactions. When studying in college, I realized that looking different is a great thing! Because only then you bring your own unique message to the rest of the world, and the world hears it. I believe so. 


Artist or performer? Where is the line between them? 

I call myself a performer at this phase of my life. And being an artist is a gradual process of becoming, with no ending point. But I believe an artist being my alter ego, my perfect two-in-one combination. So, both artists and performers complement each other in me. They both are dancers, I am a dancer. And I do not care where I dance, what kind of people are around me. I love contrasts and I take the most I can from the dance floor. Lately, a Eurovision 2019 national selection has been my dance floor, where my ambition was to perform shows rather than regular concerts. And this is something that has been unseen yet in Lithuanian musical horizons, I think. I tend to combine singing with dancing and acting, meanwhile also emphasizing the role of expressive outfits and make-up. 


Could you elaborate more on your inspirational muses? In what shapes do they usually come to your head, influence your senses and wardrobe?

I get deeply inspired by visual ideas, be it Instagram or people I follow. Ideologically, other musicians, like Lady Gaga and Sam Smith, also affect me. By the way, I am pretty sure that I will meet Lady Gaga one day!

Recently, I discovered the writings of Osho – Indian spiritual guru telling about spiritual awakenings in the areas of intimacy, creativity, and others. I feel his books contributing to my mindfulness, it feels sometimes that they actually read me, not like I am reading them.

Drag culture also inspires me. And I have so many plans to promote this culture in Lithuania, as well as to raise awareness about it. Because I firmly believe that only knowledge can bring the understanding that being a drag queen is not only about wearing a wig and a lot of make-up. So, brace yourself – Alen Chicco is planning to open a drag school and organize drags’ festival! 

Ausra: Abstract Stylist would love to be your drags’ festival partner!

Alen Chicco: of course!

Cin Cin!

To be continued. 

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