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What comes to your mind when you hear shoes? I bet nothing crazy and something practical, worn by people every day. Today, I am talking with Deadstock, digital footwear brand VVAMP owner and artist Rey. Together they created an NFT that represents both – craftsmanship of footwear and art.

Deadstock owns a digital footwear brand VVAMP, which focuses on quality and craftsmanship, and Rey is an artist who just recently launched his expressive NFT project CREYZIES. The collaboration process started early this year. The artists who met in the metaverse were challenged by the goal of creating something beyond their communities. 

The collaboration that the two artists created is around two kinds of NFTs. The first one is created using a tool remx – an NFT of a boot that comes along with a Decentraland NFT boot that your avatar can wear in the world. Another one is a Dripp Boot, which is available to buy as a Decentraland wearable here.

All the NFTS in the VVAMP x REY CREYZIE remx Boots collection come with the following benefits: 

  • AR wearables: Project your remx digital wearable into a physical space with an iOS or Android device.
  • Downloadable content: Download 2D and 3D versions of your NFTs in a range of formats. Visit your NFT page to download your files any time and as many times as you want.
  • Ownership rights: As an NFT owner, you have full rights to use this NFT in any way you deem fit. Create merchandise with it, open a franchise, or print it on a canvas — it’s up to you.
  • Decentraland wearable: Purchasers of this NFT will get a version of the Decentraland VVAMP x REY CREYZIE boot airdropped to their wallet. The new wearable will show up in their avatar’s backpack in Decentraland and can be worn in-world. There will be less than 100 instances of this boot in circulation.

Deadstock, tell us a bit more about this collaboration. How did it start?

Deadstock: So what we’re trying to do here is to expand and go beyond the Decentraland community. We asked ourselves if we could combine communities and create something exciting. We’ve been working on this project for quite some time now. This is the base model on that we based our collaboration. I just asked Rey what this shoe would look like if you would do this. And that’s where this all started. 

VVAMP shoe

How did you guys meet?

REY: We met a long time ago. In 2021, so in NFT terms, it’s ages ago. 

Deadstock: I came across Rey really early in my journey here. I got involved in all this in 2021 and actually came across Rey through Cryptovoxels. We both have a shop in Vox Walk. I got to know his art, and then one thing led to another, and here we are!

Did you ever meet in real life?

Deadstock: No, this is a web3 thing. (laughing)

VVAMP x REY Dripp Boot and Crazy Boot

Rey, did you ever imagine creating something that avatars could wear in Decentraland?

REY: I started my journey in Cryptovoxels. For most of us, the metaverse is this structure we don’t really know what it is all about, but when you immerse yourself in it, you start exploring the communities, and you start going from Voxels to Decentraland to other different metaverses – starting to realize the potential for this new world we’re creating. I think Web3 is all about connecting and communicating. It’s a brand-new tool that helps bring people together. So I have never thought I would create something for the metaverse, for Decentraland. So when I was approached with an idea to create a shoe, what struck me was the VVAMP shoe’s quality and details. It was no brainer for me.

Did you think about the concept, or was it a natural flow of ideas?

REY: Important thing in collaboration is that everyone does their own thing – works with their strengths. So I made a couple of sketches and started thinking it would be cool if the boots were crazy and alive. I was amazed at how much work Deadstock and his team put into this, making it a reality. The other, the Dripp boot, was inspired by my own boots that I wear in the studio. They are really heavy and covered in paint. It’s like walking on bricks with them. So I wanted to create a shoe that represented the feel of a studio.

Dripp Boot design phase

Rey, you come from a traditional art world. How is your experience in the metaverse so far?

REY: Well, the NFT business is like a rollercoaster. There are so many ups and downs. It’s such an amazing experience. It’s full of challenges and experiences. And this is what my art strives about – these experiences. I recommend that people who want to get into the NFT space – give it a chance because it will definitely change your life, perspective about how you look at art, and the way you experience community. We artists are not very community-driven because artists are mostly very introverted. Introverted people are good at being an artist because they observe and absorb things, and they can translate it through their art. When you are getting into the NFT space, you’re getting into the community, so you’ll see the need to be an extrovert as well. It’s a tool to combine different disciplines. 

VVAMP x REY CREYZIE remx Boots are available here.

VVAMP x REY CREYZIE Dripp Boots are available here.

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