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7 seconds. This is how long it takes to make an impression on another person. Comparing it to the time we take thinking about our looks, like struggling between two different shirts or putting on a dress over a pair of jeans, it almost hurts. And this process – the struggle and the judging – more or less occupies everyone’s life, unless you express yourself walking in the streets bare naked and don’t give a damn about others EVER. 

Worse than that, we like to categorize, because aren’t we the people of civilization and culture? Maybe having a system makes it easier for us to live, as well as a similar system that helps us to know who we are and what we like, which works as an aftereffect of STEREOTYPE. Liking pink makes you cute and romantic while looking homeless means you live in an industrial design loft brewing your personal blend coffee. It depends, but what really intrigues me – do we choose our stereotype, or is there a particular stereotype that chooses us? There might never be an answer to that.


My lovely Gucci

“Oh. My. God. Have you seen yourself in a mirror? You look fat in this dress. But, Darling, I love your mascara, it looks nice with your earrings… Oh my god! Is it Channel?! It looks… Oh, never mind, I remembered. It was popular like three years ago. Just throw it away, don’t embarrass me. Sorry, where’s my little Gucci? Gucci Gucci Gucci! Come here, boy, come to mommy! Yes, kiss me, you little bug-eyed angel! Mua! Let’s go; we have money to spend!”


Majestic hipster

“…you feel it? Earthy oak notes, some mental aftertaste… of course you don’t, do you? This tap water runs from the woods and comes to my home in the old urban site of the city. I love how simple things are unique. But not everyone can understand that. You need to train yourself. Read a book or write one yourself. I’ve already written 6 with this typewriter. About what? Oh. I study how fast beards grow when playing pieces of vinyl to them. Or how to start your start-up from being a freelancer. But less about me, I see nice tattoo you have – have you seen mine?…”


Samson the great

“William, where is my bloody tea?! No, no milk, you fool. You know I prefer brandy after hunting… Ha! You won’t believe it! This dog caught a wild duck while in the air! This is what royal blood means – paid good money for the beast!. Bloody hell, William! Why my smoking pipe is empty?! How many times I told you to bring me the one from the East! Is it finished? What do you mean, there is no more? Then get some! Dear Lord, everything I have to do by myself… but pardon my manners, would you like a glass of sherry with your biscuits?”


Skinhead Fred

“…no, he’s not aggressive. What leash? I would put on the leash if you keep talking. Look. I’m not mad, but I could be if you don’t let me finish my smoke in peace. What rules are you talking about? I told you, it’s a good dog, and your law is just a construct of limiting my and society’s ability to think freely… oh, back off or my punk-ass boot will say hello to your tight-up butt. Just take a chill pill, mate, or you will need to take some real pills in the hospital. For your own sake, don’t make me bite!”


Wild pumpkin

“Extra large pumpkin spice double espresso Americana latte with almond-hazelnut milk, make it hotter, but not too hot with dairy-free whipped cream on top ‘cause I’m a vegan, with organic sprinkles and some more pumpkin spice, yes I love it spicier and one piece of pumpkin spice pie, you know I’m on a diet, haha! And put on some more whipped cream, non-dairy please! if you forgot I’m vegan, yes with some more pumpkin spice – thank you! Ok, Stacy, now you take some photos – eww! Put away your Android, I look ugly in photos taken with this thing, here take my iPhone, I need photos inside the cafè and outside the cafè with my pumpkin spice late, make sure my sweatshirt looks cute, am I cute? Put some filter more orangy because it’s fall, and this is pumpkin spice latte – omg I could die for my pumpkin spice everything!!! #pumpkinspice #ilovefall #iamfullofmysel #blessed #pleaseloveme”

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