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Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, has signaled its arrival in three new European markets with its #MyCityMyStyle campaign. Ignited by spectacular inner-city displays taking place in Vilnius, Ljubljana, and Bratislava, the campaign is figurehead by local talent in an eye-catching and expressive tribute to local culture.

Zalando announces its arrival in new markets by transforming Kudirkos square in Vilnius into a vibrant celebration of local fashion culture. The fashion show took place on July 1.

The #MyCityMyStyle launch comprises robust PR, Influencer, and Social Media activity that accompanies an ATL campaign that went live earlier this month, supporting Zalando’s mission to empower self-expression and individuality. The inner-city moments were brought to life through local talent living at the forefront of their fashion communities, as they showed off their style as part of an eye-catching reveal that exhibited the brand’s vast assortment.

Natalie Wills, Zalando VP Marketing, says: “Zalando is beginning its fashion stories in these new European markets as part of a long-term expansion that will see us arrive in more markets before the end of 2021. By creating fashion-inspired moments brought to life through the joy of self-expression, we’re celebrating individuality and allowing everyone to express themselves in whichever way they wish. That’s why we wanted to produce a diverse and inclusive showing in each market, putting local culture at the heart of our message. So we welcome our new customers to say hi to their new favorite wardrobe!”

The inspirational event presented a diverse and inclusive display of local talent, including singer Monique, dancer, and choreographer Ilona Rai. In addition, the catwalk show formed a visually striking representation of Zalando’s intention to bring the world’s most-loved fashion to its new markets. 

Showcasing everything from iconic designers to streetwear drops, kidswear to sustainable dressing, Zalando is touching down in new European markets to shine a light on local fashion culture. Home to the most comprehensive fashion assortment in each market, including Weekday and Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenburg, and Victoria Beckham.

This campaign celebrates the start of Zalando’s ambitious expansion into new European countries, which sees the fashion platform launch in Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia in early summer, with its arrival in Croatia, Latvia and Estonia expected late summer 2021 and Hungary and Romania in 2022. The move comes from the brand’s continued growth, which currently serves about 42 million active customers in 20 markets. Zalando’s app allows access to Europe’s widest fashion assortment (available via the App Store and Google Play Store), as well as offering free delivery and 30-day free returns.

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