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Recent events and deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (and countless others!) have touched many. It’s a crucial time to act together and get involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. Before you go, don’t forget your basics on why Black Lives Matter. We invite you to take action and choose the right form for you. You will find a list of organizations you can support, what petitions you can sign, where you can donate, and some educational reads to share with your friends and family.


Organizations you can support

With ActBlue organization, your contribution will be divided evenly between The National Police Accountability Project, Black Voters Matter Fund, and 10 other groups. You can also allocate your donation amount differently through organizations. If you would like to get involved separately, here’s the ultimate list.

  • National Bail Out

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network
  • Know Your Rights Camp
  • Black Voters Matter Fund
  • BYP100
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • The National Police Accountability Project
  • Color of Change Education Fund
  • Unicorn Riot
  • Advancement Project
  • Higher Heights for America
  • Fair Fight Action

Black Women’s Blueprint organization envisions a world where women and girls of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race, and other disparities are erased.

Petitions to sign

One of the many things you can do – sign a petition. There’s a lot of them circulating all over the internet. You can find a useful list on this page. Also, there’s a lot of different petitions you can sign supporting many black people killed in the past few months. You can find a list here.

Donation funds

If you’re looking for funds you can donate, don’t hesitate to check this always updating list. Also, consider donating to COVID Bailout NYC fund that will help post bail for medically vulnerable people held in New York City jails and provide comprehensive post-release support, such as shelter and food.

Reading list

If you’re not able to donate or join the protest – educate yourself. Post on social media, ask difficult questions. Spark that uncomfortable conversation. Here is our reading list on the issue:

  • Racism explained.

  • Take a look around this Google Drive folder for Black history books.
  • Anti-Racism resource list.
  • Letters for Black Lives is a set of crowdsourced, multilingual, and culturally-aware resources aimed at creating a space for open and honest conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities.

  • Take a look at our article about Black People that Have Made Fashion.

Resources suggested by our readers:

  1. A reading list from Bilphena Yahwon. She is a Baltimore based writer, abolitionist, and restorative practices specialist born in Liberia, West Africa.

  2. BlacKkKlansman – a movie about the first black detective of the Colorado Springs Police Department teams up with a Jewish colleague to infiltrate a group of white supremacists. Find it on Netflix.

We tend to update the list as we find useful recourses to share. Don’t hesitate to contact us with recommendations or suggestions at hello@abstractstylist.com.

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