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Let’s face it. More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us continue to struggle as we try to adapt to the new normal, the best way we can. The world’s population is slowly getting immunized one jab at a time, but no one could really tell for sure how long this global situation would last. Navigating our daily lives and balancing everything we have on our plates have been a challenge, and we all just do our best to keep up. Now how do we stay sane in a situation we never thought we would experience in our lifetime?

One of our best bets to make sure our overall wellness is in check is to maintain a healthier and better work-life balance. According to fForbes.com, the idea of work-life balance will continue to evolve, with companies constantly trying to adapt to the needs of their workforce. For both employers and employees, what are some steps to achieve this easier-said-than-done ideal?

1. Plan ahead

At least a day in advance, make a list of things to accomplish for the next day. Be it personal or professional. It is important to keep everything organized. Plot all your to-do’s, appointments, and deadlines. This is a good way to keep stress levels at bay, leaving little to no room for unpleasant surprises. Notice that you will wake up more relaxed and confident to take on the day ahead.

2. Keep your workspace organized.

Clutter is affecting us in more ways than one, and a neat desk that is easy on the eyes is a lot more than just aesthetics. Believe it or not, it also benefits our mental health and general wellbeing. It helps us stay focused on the task in front of us. It also makes us work in a more efficient manner because everything we need is within arm’s reach. There is also nothing scattered around that’s not needed. A clutter-free workspace sets the mood for maximizing productivity.

3. Maintain a good relationship with your co-workers

Start with being trustworthy and reliable. Present yourself as someone whom they can count on when the need arises. Your single mom work friend needs someone to cover her? Swap shifts if you can. Your teammate has a medical emergency? Step up and lend an extra hand to help with his tasks. Being friends with your colleagues sets a positive atmosphere and makes working seem easier and lighter.

3. Check up on your friends and family

Make sure you keep the lines open and stay in touch with those you hold near and dear, especially during the new normal. Connecting with friends and family and having strong relationships with them keep you grounded. Thankfully, technology has been making this easier. Something as simple as investing a few minutes of your time in a video call with family or friends is a good way to strengthen your bond and make each other feel loved and cared for. It also helps you deal with the challenges you are facing because you know that these are the folks you can run to for some pretty sound advice. It also serves as a reminder of what really matters in life.

4. Exercise

Everyone knows that exercising is always a good idea because of its multiple benefits – from mental, physical, and even emotional. With this pandemic leaving most of us with no choice but to work out at home, more and more people are forced to get used to the idea of indoor exercise. Thanks to Youtube and Instagram, there is no shortage of fitness gurus who can inspire you to get moving. Their foolproof and easy-to-follow workout plans are readily available in a few clicks – you can even access some good ones for free.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

6. Adapt a healthy new diet

Stressful times can really take a toll on your overall wellness. It’s so easy to take our diet for granted, and having a plethora of fast food options easily accessible through our mobile phones isn’t helping us either. You might not feel its effects now, but you should really pay more attention and be more conscious of what you put in your body. With all the fad diets popping up, selecting the one that best fits your needs and wants can be overwhelming. There’s a flexitarian diet, carnivore diet, and many others. Do your research and decide which one is right for you.

7. Take on a new hobby

Having a go-to activity that you love doing, even if it’s just once in a while, is a form of self-care. It’s even better if that hobby has the potential to develop your creativity and build your confidence. Choose something you are truly interested in and really passionate about, and you think you could stick to. Aside from being a great way to take a break and de-stress, it’s also an enjoyable way to make life more interesting.

There really is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to striking the perfect balance between work and personal life. But with discovering what is best for you, and trying to better yourself in the process, always know that you are on the right path.

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