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As someone who doesn’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions that much but is also deeply into self-development and a big fan of fresh starts, I want to suggest a few things you can do before 2020. will kick-start whatever you have planned for the upcoming year and make the transition so much more pleasant, while giving you a sense of purpose, excitement, and accomplishment.


1. Do a social media detox to clear your mind.

Whether it’s one week or a whole month, time without social media will help you put things in perspective and just feel more relaxed. Also, after it’s over, you’re probably going to realize that you didn’t miss out on much anyway, and that’s a real game-changer. 

2. Finish one or more meditation packs on Headspace.

There are so many benefits of meditation, and it’s being made so much easier with apps like Headspace. Take time to step back from the constant stream of thoughts (something that Buddhist monks call ‘the monkey mind’ and be present. 

3. Read at least one more book (preferably – non-fiction).

Read something that will help you grow as a person and understand the world around you a bit better. If you lack ideas, we recently published a few suggestions here on Abstract Stylist.

4. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Maybe you do your resume maintenance regularly, congrats on that! Yet, most of us abandon our resumes completely until we need them and need them fast. Take some time to get those experiences and achievements on paper (screen). 

5. Declutter your home.

Get rid of sentimental stuff, donate old clothes, throw away outdated bank statements. There’s always something to declutter. 

6. Educate yourself with an excellent documentary on climate change or health.

Take some time to refresh your knowledge and find out more about the extreme dangers that the planet is in right now or the ways you can become healthier and more conscious at the same time. Get informed, inform others, and take action. Some suggestions: “The game changers,” “Chasing Ice,” “Chasing corals,” “Before the flood.”

7. Come up with one thing you can do to achieve your biggest dream and do that one thing.

It may be a tiny step, but if it’s a step in the right direction, it’s priceless.

8. Make amends with someone you hurt.

‘Sorry’ truly is one of the hardest words, therefore sometimes we’d rather spend years not talking to someone than apologize and admit we were wrong. Put on your big girl/boy pants and take the first step to rekindle an important relationship. 

9. Unfollow (or mute) toxic accounts on Instagram (or whatever social media you’re on the most).

Whether it’s someone who makes you feel you’re not enough or someone who’s an occasional racist/sexist/misogynist, you don’t need to see their content on your feed. If you can’t unfollow them, because that would cause a mess, mute them. You do not need that kind (or any kind) of negativity in your life. 

10. Review your 2019.

But don’t make it an achievement-oriented review! Look at the great times you had with family and friends, the books you read, the things you learned, the places you visited. It always feels like the year flew by so fast, but once you look deeper, you will find that it was filled with so many great things that helped you grow, learn, and experience joy. Make it a moment of appreciation.  

May you have a fantastic 2020, filled with love, kindness, courage, and growth!

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