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You miss traveling. I know, I miss it too. No amount of SPA days or self-care weekends can really fill that void and replace that breath of fresh air that hits your lungs the moment you get off the plane and take those first few steps on new land that feels somehow velvety under your feet. There‘s no other feeling like this. Yet, if this gloomy pandemic makes you want to skip hopping on a plane and traveling to a place far far away, you‘re not alone. Even the most devoted nomads often choose the well-explored lands of their bedrooms and kitchens during this unprecedented moment in time. If you‘re one of them, let me offer you a few tips on how to remain a decent nomad and avoid losing your mind in the era of COVID-19.

1.  Make plans

Start planning your next trip. Ramp up those savings, make a killer Pinterest board, pick your hotels, your must-see spots, choose restaurants, and make a sweet playlist. Read about your dream destinations, watch the documentaries, explore the blogs. Let your imagination run wild. In this stage, everything is possible, so dive into the marvelous lands of the Internet and find yourself a new dream. Or, even better, a whole bunch of new dreams.

2. Open yourself up to new practices

If you‘re a nomad, you love new experiences. That‘s just how it works. So think of some new experiences you can have at home. Get a Skillshare or a Masterclass membership, try out a new course on Coursera, start journaling, meditating, cooking, baking, or something along those lines. Think of that thing that you‘ve always wanted to do but never really had the time to. Explore the uncharted territories that lie within. Trust me, it‘s amazing how much you can find there.

3. Explore your homeland

As humans, we have a unique ability to miss something that‘s right under our noses. Therefore, after enjoying the breathtaking nature of Indonesia and the hustling and bustling streets of New York, London, or Shanghai, we still know nothing about the birthplaces of our grandmas and grandpas. Go to that town, take a walk in that park, take the road less traveled by and see the world through someone else’s eyes. There may be no skyscrapers there, but you‘ll surely find plenty of heartfelt stories.

4. Explore the world of sounds

Meditate to the sounds of nature. Work in one of the perfectly crafted ambient rooms from your favorite books and movies. Get an ASMR massage (it‘s weird until you try it). Most of us are used to experiencing new things through our eyes. Let‘s find out where our ears can take us. 

5. Take time for some mental maintenance 

Wherever you go, there you are. You know that feeling, right? You visit that amazing place, stand somewhere where you only dreamed of standing, and feel a grey cloud above your head. There’s nothing disturbing your happiness, except your very own mind. You’ve felt it, right? Tell me, it’s not just me..? No? Not just me? Ok. Thanks!
Take the time to answer the questions you’ve been carrying around in your heart. Sign up for a therapy session (a Zoom happy hour doesn’t count), read a self-development book, journal, have that tough conversation, make that important decision. Make sure that the next time you go somewhere, you’ll go there with a clearer mind. Enjoy some quiet growth. Take pleasure in becoming more you. And, most importantly, show yourself some patience and compassion. You really deserve it.

I hope these simple ideas will give you a little nudge to find the silver lining in this cloudy pandemic sky. And soon enough, that sky will be bright blue again. Bright bright blue and wide wide open.

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