Abstract Stylist is an online magazine aiming at crossing the boundaries of stylish, breaking the laws of fashionable, and exploring life outside the bubble

We are doing our best to deliver cutting-edge creative talents and their stories not only from our own country Lithuania but also from anywhere in the Universe, be it Venus or Mars, Latvia, or Japan.

We are your modern guide to kitschy fashion, culture, and an alternative lifestyle

Departing from this, we want to celebrate our dual natures and, therefore, we invite you to broaden your sensual, visual, and cognitive horizons by diving into the topics of Fashion & KitschTravel & BoredomCulture & Popcorn and last but not least – Off & Topic. Support us on Patreon platform, and we will include you into our whitelist. 

My name is Lina

And I am the founder of this online magazine. It was born right after I quit my job as a fashion editor at L’Officiel magazine. As I worked for almost 8 years in print, I decided to start my own venture and create something digital. It all started as a simple blog, where I could take interviews from people I like or write the stuff I was interested in. The amazing team joined me, and we officially launched the website in 2018 with more than 20 people on the team. It is a passion project financially supported by me and our Patreons.

Abstract Stylist is an independent blog, and our readers come here from all over the world! 🌎