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It’s been hectic lately with travels and we might have missed some ecosystem rumours you all like to read. But you can help – here is what we want to cover, and TP community is keen to learn about:

  • Talent leaving scale-ups and starting something new
  • Investors and founders performing (or misbehaving)
  • Startup teams showing progress – adding a top hire, breaking into a new market. signing a major customer, launching new product, etc (we do find news in between your press release schedule – don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it’s not a “big enough” update in Sifted / VZ standards)
  • Job openings, especially executive level and early stage startup

Work in progress

Rounds and capital

Founder guides

Blog posts


  • new study argues that insufficient infrastructure doomed the first electric cars
  • If Paysera built office space, how it would look like? Sorry design is rather subjective
  • Big tech recruitment. An eng created a fake CV with Instagram, Zillow, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Berkeley on it, all details being nonsense. Got 60% response rate
  • UK Unicorn Companies


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