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Work in progress

  • When back to traveling (please!), Eddy Travel will be ready – just launched new group travel AI assistant. Also announced partnering with for flight search. Huge respect for persevering tech founders, who got pandemic hitting, not driving their business.
  • Background story of Rocketo (organic dog food e-commerce, article in lt), international team, and well-growing sales across Europe.
  • Viezo (vibration energy harvesting) wins the Great Pitch Contest held by Wolves Summit.
  • An overview on Lithuania’s Edtech and BitDegree strategy in this interview with Danielius Stasiulis. Also a podcast on Baltic Founderswith him. Great work on bringing Lithuanian Edtech startups together (latest mapping here).
  • CoInvest Capital in 2020.
    • 17 deals
    • EUR 8 m deployed
    • Average ticket EUR 450k (with CoInvest bringing EUR 300k)
    • Invega is adding another EUR 4 m into Coinvest Capital to focus on sustainability / greentech startups.

Rounds and capital

  • Lithuanian proptech startup InRento lands pre-seed funds (EUR 130k) to grow ‘buy-to-let’ crowdfunding platform. SWG + angels.
  • eDOW raises EUR 250k to open the first EV-only showroom in Vilnius, bringing Teslas to much-awaited physical space. Planning to expand in LT and the Baltics. Interesting to see Pijus Makarevicius (Furniture1) bringing his retail experience, and guys kick this off pretty much by working remotely.
  • Our sophisticated models show (below) Lithuanian startups raised much more in Q1 compared to last year, but deal activity remained similar. All driven by the later stage, and there are several more in the pipeline.
  • Also – Domantas Sabonis (and more NBA players) joins Dapper Labs round (NFTs), which values the company… $ 2.6 bn). You typically recognize a bubble when celebrities pour the money in.

Digital health and healthcare

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