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When the summer is coming to an end and all of the adventures seem to be over, the joy and excitement suddenly fade away. Instead, the melancholy and nostalgia for those long and warm days kick in as you have to get back to business.

However, work doesn’t have to feel like a forced obligation – this is the place for your expression and professional skills to grow. And the best part is, you can still go on new adventures on the weekends! Don’t start to roll your eyes now, it is really possible to keep your life exciting with the right attitude. Here’s how.


1. Weekend trips abroad

If you are fortunate to live in a small country, you have a number of neighbor countries around you – that means more cultures, cities, and sights to explore! Be spontaneous, book a ticket to the one neighbor you haven’t visited yet and made the best of your weekend!

Some ideas for Europeans on HERE

2. Weekend trips in your own country

I bet you have thought about the fact that you don’t actually know your country enough many times. So why wait? Now is the best time! Especially when you do not need a lot of investment to explore the secrets and unseen places of your homeland. Book a car, invite your best friends and restore your patriotism.

Even WikiHow is recommending IT.

3. Discover your city

If you are not that keen on driving out of the city, there is another adventure possibility. Go and discover your town! Try to become a tourist and see the place you live in from a different perspective. Choose to go to areas that you don’t usually go – check the galleries, new and exclusive coffee shops, brunch places, university libraries, or comedy clubs. If you’re out of ideas, just google the Trip Advisor – it may be so that tourists are discovering more of your city than you do.

Where to start? Try free tours to learn new and exciting things HERE

4. Book club

Autumn is the perfect time to get back on your reading. And this hobby could not only be your before-bed-time activity. Look for a book club in your area – you will not only get to meet new people. They might have the same interests and taste as you, has the potential to become your weekend gang, the one you scratch your brain about Nietzsche and Jane Austin with.

You can always start a book club yourself, or if you’re the internetophile, you can find the perfect match online on HERE.

5. A journey of flavors without leaving your town

Have you ever dreamed of going to India (or the Middle East, or Japan), but the circumstances were not in your favor? While you wait for the perfect timing for the actual trip there’s a way to discover your dream country without leaving your city. First thing – choose the country you want to discover. Second, watch some interesting shows or documentaries about the cuisine, restaurants, and traditions of that country. And finally, look for the best Indian (the Middle East or Japanese or whatever) restaurant in your town. Go check it out and play with your imagination – this could be your way of teleportation.

For some Indian experience look HERE.

Or Japanese HERE.

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