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Winter – the season of nature‘s death. It is also the death of the year and the death of the sun. And if you had a tough year, all this symbolism makes a perfect sense to you. However, as the saying goes: the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Our advice to you – make the best out of the death season and travel where the frozen time and lack of life are the most beautiful. Here are 5 spooky destinations for your next adventure!

North of Sweden

No sun – no people – no headache. Just you, snow, quality solitude, and spectacular Aurora.

Get some inspiration here!


Transylvania, Romania

Feel the vibe of the place where the King of being dead himself (a.k.a. Mr. Dracula) was known to live in. Make a date/weekend getaway with yourself and do some not that trendy exploring.

What to do in Dracula neighborhood? Look here.


Patagonia, Argentina

Want to go serious with self-exploration? Go for some raw experience in crystal clear mountain air of Patagonia and see the beauty of mountaineering while discovering your true self.

Why is Patagonia a must? Look here.


Easter Island

Want to run away from the snow? There’s a special and remote island for that. Think ‘Pacific’. Easter Island will make you shiver more than the Stonehenge, and if you feel overwhelmed, the local culture will let you feel at ease: check the Tapati festival and start practicing your best moves!

If you’re not convinced yet: look here and for more nature here.



Imagine: you, kayaking through glaciers, watching some polar bear taking its nap, and exploring… Ice – so much of ice, so many different shades. It‘s a perfect spot to let off that steam.

Oh, but where to start? Look here.

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