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To travel or not to travel – this is one of the biggest questions these days. Whether it is a work trip or family getaway, many of us are concerned about our health and safety. However, sooner or later, we will push a ‘Restart’ button and go on an adventure again. Depending on how much money we will have in our pockets – New York, Melbourne, and Tokyo have different experiences for you to offer. We will tell you how to travel the world on $50 a day or $500! So, plan and be ready to hit the road on three different continents!

To experience everything these cities have to offer without acquiring debt, you have to do some digging. You can thank us later as we did it for you – spend under $50 for a day and travel a world on a budget.

Under $50 for a day: New York, USA

There are thousands of songs and movies about the Big Apple, and it might seem you have already been there. But trust me, once you see it for yourself, it will never be the same. So how New York City on a budget looks like?


Walk the High Line

It is one of the most popular walks in New York City. The High Line is an elevated park build on an abandoned railway trestle. While walking, you can take a look at three neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, West Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and enjoy art installations. $0

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide

Window-shop in SoHo

Clothes, antiques, or art – your eyes will thank you for the beauty. Even though many say that SoHo has lost its authenticity, there are plenty of galleries and cute shops to pop in and admire. $0


All cuisines in one place

Gorge at Smorgasburg is marketed as the largest weekly open-air food market in America. A food fiesta from Friday to Sunday with more than 100 vendors will serve everyone’s taste and pockets. 

Take a slice

In various neighborhoods, you can have a classic $1 pizza slice. If you want to have your best slice ever, watch Munchies on YouTube to get your priorities straight.


Brooklyn Flea

 No doubt, New York has to offer the best shops, yet unexpected gems can be only found in flea markets. From April to October Brooklyn Flea is held in Fort Greene on Saturdays. Vintage clothing, collectibles, and antiques call for your attention!

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide


Nuyorican Poets Café

A small gem amongst locals and poet lovers, where people come for poetry readings and slam. A genuine and open-hearted place on a sometimes-lonely island. Tickets $5-$12.

Under $50 for a day: Melbourne, Australia

The country seems to be so far away from almost every corner in the world that going there equals to flying to the moon. Traveling to the magical continent already costs a fortune, so budget wisely!


Discover the art scene

Hosier Lane is one of the most famous laneways for street art. Be ready for camera-packed crowds and wannabe Instagram models posing in front of statement graffiti and art installations. $0

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide

Go around with City Circle Tram

Look for a burgundy and cream tram and hop on for a free journey around Melbourne’s top tourist attractions. This is ultimate Australia on a budget entertainment! $0


Famous café scene

There are plentiful artsy cafés that offer incredible coffee and snacks. Seven seedsAcoffeeMaker Coffee – just a few names to start. Sit, relax, and observe the city! If you are interested in the coffee culture, you could take a café tour and learn why Melbourne is all about coffee.

Dari Korean Café and Bar

Korean-inspired sandwiches will challenge you for unexpected flavors. How do you feel about the Idol Sandwich containing Mexican salad (cabbage, ham, crabstick, egg), an egg, and potato salad with strawberry jam? The perfect fusion of sweet and savory – nothing you have tried before. Keep in mind that sandwiches are enormous! $13-18 for a sandwich.

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide

Hella Good

Simple yet tasty Greek street style. A spot-on location that serves delicious souvas (warm pita bread with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, and meat) for a full meal to keep you going. $11-13 for souvlaki.


Get lost at Queen Victoria Market

The market is more than a fresh produce place for the locals. It has also become a must-see tourist attraction. A huge number of stalls selling not only groceries but also clothes, accessories, and other bric-à-brac.

Dive into Brunswick Street

The alternative Melbourne’s side of all things cool and kooky is packed with vintage clothing stores.


The State Library of Victoria

If you are an architecture and book lover, do not miss the chance to visit the central octagonal shape rotunda with dark wood furniture and book-lined walls. $0

Under $50 for a day: Tokyo, Japan

Everything in Japan seems to work differently from anywhere else – be ready to experience a cultural shock! And we will help you to explore Tokyo on a budget of just $50 a day!


Don’t be shy

Anyone can tell you if you visit Japan, you must go to the karaoke and game arcade. For the arcade, we suggest HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard) Taito. And for karaoke – Karaoke Kan Shibuya

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide


Shion Sushi

 A perfect place for those who are looking for a value and price match. The average price on one sushi plate is $1.50-2.00. It is situated in Shinjuku and usually full of local people. You can choose what you eat by picking it off a conveyor belt and pay by the plates. Shion is a simple place, so don’t get too surprised if the staff won’t speak English or smile a lot.


Kinji store for second-hand lovers

Modern, vintage, new, used, you name it, it’s all here. You can find Kinji stores all over Tokyo. Both men and women will find something unique in this thrift shop. For an excellent deal, don’t forget Daiso. 1$ store, where you can find anything from a birthday card to nail polish. Perfect for souvenirs as well. 


A perfect cultural moment at Yayoi Kusama Museum

Located in a city center museum offers everything you need to know about the artist. You will find famous infinity rooms, objects, and films. Remember, you can purchase tickets only online in advance.

$10.41 for an adult.

If you have been saving for your dream destination for many years or inherited a fortune, don’t limit yourself! Here are some picks for you to spend under $500 for a day in a big city.

Under $500 for a day: New York, USA


Get an outside view of the island of Manhattan

Take a cruise along the Hudson River with a 1920s-style yacht or white-sailed schooner. Sip a cup of coffee, feel the breeze in your hair, and get dreamy. $88

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide

Let the music move you to Carnegie Hall

This world-class performance hall does not let you down – famous musicians, outstanding acoustics, and breathtaking architecture. Tickets can start as low as $30-40.



If you want to taste the best pizza in New York, a cozy place in Brooklyn is your choice. It makes your mouth watery once you smell that incredible pizza. You can choose to sit inside by the long tables and make some new friends or enjoy outdoors. $19-22 for a pizza, $14 cocktails, $5-12 beer.

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide


One of the most interesting things I heard about this place is that people are not talking about it not to make it too popular… This Japanese spot will surely surprise you with the best spicy ramen in Lower East Village. $16 for ramen.

St. Anselm

Casual steakhouse for the amazing yet affordable steaks. It is tough to get a spot, but you should not be surprised it’s New York. $25-30 for a juicy steak.


Dover Street Market New York 

It is more than a luxury department store – it is a fashion-meets-art exhibition space. Do not expect walking through dresses hanging on a metal rack here. Featured designers create their display areas where shoppers can interact with the clothes. It feels like getting inside the designers’ heads!

Chelsea Market

A refurbished warehouse invites you to look at the alternative New York designer shops, clothes stores, and delicious gourmet food. 


Visit your favorite artworks

Many great pieces exhibited here in one of the biggest world’s museums – the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From the iconic stairs to the endless exhibition rooms. It is a dream place for any art and culture connoisseur. $25

Under $500 for a day: Melbourne, Australia


Floating over Melbourne

Dive into Adelphi Hotel’s rooftop pool and, through the glass-bottomed section, observe the tiny people on Flinders Lane. Splurge on the cocktail! $35

Feel the thrill of Underground Cinema

It is the live cinema business that recreates film-inspired worlds. Attending an event is like walking onto a film set: actors in costumes, props, and even an on-site bar. The location and the film’s identity are kept as a secret until you get a general clue about the genre and often guide how to dress up. $100 

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide



It is the famous restaurant operated by Ben Shewry, who creates contemporary dishes with native ingredients like saltwater crocodile rib or emu eggs. The place became even more famous after Netflix’s show Chef’s Table – reservations are taken on the first Wednesday of the month for the following three months. About $200 per person


Be ready to empty your pockets for the best Japanese restaurant in Australia! Ask for a seat at the bar to be in the front row while observing sushi master’s Koichi Minamishima surgical precision while preparing seafood. Don’t forget to try sake for the whole experience! About $200 per person

Under $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide


Feel the luxury at Block Arcade

The Victorian era’s finest shopping arcade was constructed between 1891 and 1893 and certainly let you feel that. High, domed glass ceilings store the fancy chocolate shops, old-fashioned tea rooms, jewelers, and more.

Under $500 for a day: Tokyo, Japan


Watch the big boys

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch the Japanese boys wrestling in action at the country’s largest sumo stadium – Ryōgoku Kokugikan. The show starts when the makuuchi (top division) wrestlers parade into the ring. Entrance between $35-$140.

JapanWresling.jpgUnder $50 or $500 for a day / New York, Melbourne, Tokyo Guide


Grab a coffee at Koffee Mameya

It is a must-visit place for designers, architects, or aesthetics lovers, oh, and coffee lovers. This shop has five roasteries that they work with. They sell not only coffee to go but also 15-20 varieties of beans. For a bag of beans, you will pay somewhat between $12 to $40. 

Movie-like drinks at Park Hyatt Tokyo New York bar

Yes, this is a famous place where Lost in Translation was filmed. They usually have a live jazz band playing. And for the perfect set-up, order old-fashioned and enjoy your movie. By the way, photography is not allowed! Grab a glass of old-fashioned for $22.40.


Shop a piece of art, or should I say clothing? 

When in Japan, shop Japanese fashion, right? Find Issey Miyake, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto boutiques for an authentic fashion experience. Not only are their clothing art, but stores are like museums. Well, for a piece of clothing, you’ll pay way more than $500.


Experience a dramatic Kabuki performance

Kabukiza’s kabuki theatre greets you with a flamboyant façade and gives a hint of what to expect during the traditional Japanese performing art. Keep in mind that Kabuki comprises three to four acts, which can take up to five hours! Tickets around $40-$190 depending on the performance.

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