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What is an adventurous lifestyle? Do you think adventures are only sewn into motorcycle jackets, stuffed into huge backpacks and squeezed among passengers of slow trains in Russia?

Think twice! Adventures are always by your side: at home, in your own city and …in your head! Let’s discover how we can experience an extraordinary life without losing ourselves in distant undiscovered places, hitchhiking through South America, or spending lots of cash. I made a list of 10 things you can start doing today to practice the life of adventure!


1. Challenge yourself

Do something you are not used to. Evening walks. No-car journey to work. Prep of lunchboxes. Internet-free weekend, maybe? Break your own rules – great things happen out of your comfort zone.


How do I do it? I chose to spend as many days as sugar-free as I can. I choose to have a cool shower every morning. I choose not to swear. Those are inner adventures expanding my own world.

2. Do something scary

I mean, do whatever you do not like at all. For instance, public speaking. Or diving. Or driving! Even the idea makes you shiver? That’s what we are looking for.

How do I do it? A month ago I started kite-surfing, which actually I did not want to do at all in the beginning. It seemed to me way too dangerous and complicated. Yet, I tried. Unsurprisingly, I found out this activity is neither dangerous nor complicated. Assumptions are enemies of a colourful life.

3. Play life

Choose not to take yourself too seriously. Play some games.

How do I do it? Together with my husband, we choose to play video games. Because I love becoming someone else and forgetting my real life for two hours or so. What else do we play? “Would you rather?”, “The thing you don’t know about me yet”, “Random facts”, “Truth or dear”. Try a day of silence, when you communicate without words, and so on. Sounds crazy? Bring more naughtiness into your life!

4. Chitchat!

This is another form of experiencing something new/ scary and interesting. Talk to strangers. Challenge yourself to talk a bit with cashier, barista, flight attendant, or customer support agent. Compliment them, joke with them, tell them something about yourself. Be simply human! It’s indeed amazing that inspiring dialogues can be started and friendships can be created just like this!

How do I do it? I try to notice something about that person and tell them that. Or ask a question, how do they do it, do they love it or, at least, I wish a wonderful and easy day to them.

5. Say Yes

This is more like an inner game. Decide which day (or three, four, seven!) you will be saying YES to everything anybody will be offering to you. Be honest with yourself. (Important: don’t tell anyone that you are doing this!) Believe me, I’ve heard tons of stories, how in this way people went to unplanned journeys (they even had no money for them), were invited to dates or accepted to be involved in quite bizarre but rewarding projects. For the good sake – their life was never the same again! Are you in?

6. So you say adventures must be journeys?

Ok, take a hipster inspired trip to the nearest town or village within 20-30 kilometers from your city. The place you haven’t been to and know nothing about. Talk to locals, look for strange photo walls, explore markets, and spots of nature.

How do I do it? We just went to Minge, a small village by the water in Lithuania. The place with no streets, just a river full of boats. Amazing. Or even better, you can check the best nature documentaries on Netflix.

7. Volunteer

The main tip here – do this in a sphere you love or are interested in: walking the dogs, psychology and social work, community events, handicrafts, etc. You will master new skills and discover yourself again.


How do I do it? I used to volunteer for Masters of Calm festival in Lithuania. Needless to say, how many new people met there, the connections I’ve created and friends I’ve found. By the way, this is a great way to find a new job.

8. Please your stomach

Probably the easiest way to experience something new effortlessly is to try new food. Discover a place as authentic and weird as you can. Or browse for a fancy restaurant. Reach out for the unusual.

How do I do it? This spring we decided to visit a family cafe in Georgia, Borjomi, where every corner was packed with vintage soviet items, various presents from the tourists, B&W family photos. The owner even agreed to prepare the food that wasn’t on the menu. So, it is all about the experience!

9. Learn something totally new

Experience Vippasana meditation for 10 days, book dancing classes, or online language courses. Just boost your neural network!

How do I do it? I just bought a new pair of inline skates and now I am constantly practicing to ride them. It is so strange to do something for the first time. It is uncomfortable, unenjoyable, and… tempting at the same time. What is more, it boosts your confidence and spreads it all over other activities. It is all about inner growth!

10. Try to expand your hobby

For instance, you like to dress well and always scroll through fashion accounts, magazines, observe the so-called fashionistas in the streets. Now, decide to do something with your hobby for a month! For example, offer an individual consultation or even an experience of shopping with you! Create a social media account, video channel, or series of events. Announce that you are doing this only for a month and with no particular reason. And see what happens, ok?

How do I do it? A few years ago, I started teaching yoga classes for friends in my own apartment and very soon this transformed into my main job and now I can call it the actual beginning of my career as a freelancer.

I want to finish this article with my all-time favorite quote of Mark Manson: “Plan the best you can, but then throw yourself into the fire. Leave yourself no option but to come out on top. It will be hard and nerve-wracking, but that’s how you grow. That’s how you squeeze all the juice out of life. Terrify yourself. Then laugh about it.”

Have a wonderful life of adventures, guys!

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