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A new decade is approaching at the cosmic speed and doesn’t tell me that you are not freaking out at all. You can always say every day or week brings a new start, however, the new year is a different story. Even if you are not into resolutions, some kind of plan starts making its way into your brain. Let’s not make it complicated with personal growth goals but rather focus on what shall be included in your travel bucket list!

Warning: This travel bucket list is not about any particular destination, it is about the feeling and experience. Please consult with your bank account before making a purchase.  

Feel small

More often than not we strive to be better, stronger, and bigger. Yet it is so soothing to feel small, like being just a kid who knows that there is always someone who will take care of you at the end of a day. Open up for freedom and the great size of nature literally and metaphorically.  


Some ideas where to start (from left to right): Patagonia, Argentina / Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China / The Grand Canyon, USA.

Soak in the bluest water

If you are dreaming about white sand and crystal clear blue water you don’t necessarily need to sell your kidney to travel to the end of the world – you can have this experience in Europe too! Greece and Croatia can offer you turquoise water as the Philippines does. Don’t believe this could be a real color? Go and check it yourself.


Dive in: Egremnoi, Greece / Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia /Palawan, Philippines.

Listen to the silence in the desert

It is almost scary to look around and don’t see anything else than golden sand dunes. Extremely hot in the daytime and chilly at night – there is nothing in the desert that can either absorb heat from the sun or hold it on the surface. For a city child there is nothing to hear either – could you bare that silence? Or get even more inspiration on the best nature documentaries!


Cover your eyes from sand and dust in Gobi Desert, Mongolia / Pinnacles Desert, Australia / Bardenas Reales, Spain.

Question yourself How Did They Made It?

No travel bucket list can avoid mentioning some great wonders of the world. It might look like a cliché to suggest visiting The Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu but don’t be skeptical if you haven’t been there. The greatness will overpower you and no doubt, you will keep wondering how, for example, thousands of ancient temples were built in the 1000s in Myanmar…


Save your money for Bagan, Myanmar / The Great Wall of China, China / Machu Picchu, Peru.

Experience almost unbearable cold

Going to perfectly warm countries is outdated, brace yourself for some real cold! Dramatic landscape and stillness will mesmerize you as well as clear your head. Keep in mind that wind can literally blow you away.


You will need many layers of clothes in: Iceland / Greenland / Svalbard, Norway.

Sweat in the rainforest

A bewildering variety of species hides in the heart of rainforests, in fact, it is an actual home for 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals. Enter their kingdom, explore and try not to feel like a stranger. 


You will definitely get wet in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand / Daintree National Park, Australia / Tambopata National Reserve, Peru.

Look at the starriest sky

Today most of us live under the cities’ skies which are free of stars. Even if you don’t consider yourself being a romantic person, you just simply cannot ignore a sky full of bright stars. High, dry, dark – makes a perfect star-gazing site.


Make a wish: La Palma, Canary Islands / Alqueva Dark Sky, Portugal / Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal.

A perfect list? The one where everything is crossed out. You have your whole life to go!

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