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Resources are scarce – this is the very first lesson you learn in the economics class. Yet, if it weren’t true, probably 80-90% of people would like to travel more often. However, no matter how often you go, you probably have your way of handling your journey. Read some questions below, pick the answers that suit you the best, and we will tell you which of the stereotypical traveler type you are. If you disagree with the conclusions, observe yourself next time when you are on a trip or blame it on the fact that all tests are for fun!

1. How does your suitcase look like?


2. What is the critical item you cannot imagine any of your trips without?


3. What is your favorite way of traveling?


4. What is your go-to outfit?


5. How would your perfect day look like during the holidays?


6. Which song would you listen to when traveling?


7. Which photo would you post on social media?


8. Which journey moment would possibly be the top one for you?


Count which answer letter is the most common and face the music!

If you collect mostly [A] answers, you are… DELUXE TOURIST

Once you start imagining your holidays, the sound of popping champagne appears in the background. If you are traveling, you spend a considerable amount of money to have your perfect holidays. You book a comfortable hotel room or an apartment looking over the most popular attractions and expect to be treated like a royal. You will instead choose to casually lie in the sun with a book than visit five museums per day. It is not because you are not interested in them; you just wish to slow down rather than continuously run around. Encourage your inner explorer. You might be surprised how interesting it can turn out!

If you collect mostly [B] answers, you are… VETERAN TRAVELER

You have stories from around the world and could share the craziest experiences, yet you rather keep them for yourself. You avoid sounding too snobby as it sometimes feels you have seen and done everything. Travelling has been a big part of your life, and you cannot imagine your life otherwise. You pack light, know all the tricks on how to find places where locals hang out and have friends in all continents. Keep in mind, when visiting the same site a couple of times, you still can find something new and share some joy with others.

If you collect mostly [C] answers, you are… FREESTYLE WANDERER

Traveling for you means not only getting to know different cultures and customs but also getting to know yourself better too. You are not interested in fancy or shiny things. You instead choose to see the real wilderness. You love walking around the city and enjoying the natural scenery. Others call you a nomad as you can quickly move from one place to another without feeling any kind of frustration or inconvenience. Take in all the beauty you can and share the moments with others – it will feel even better.

If you collect mostly [D] answers, you are… TAKE IT ALL VOYAGER

You are always craving new experiences. You research even nature documentaries. Every journey is packed with numerous activities that you have read about in various blogs or travel books. You know where to eat, what to see, where to party. You do not want to waste time sleeping in or reading a magazine – you are ready to explore! Getting to know the country and its people makes you feel pleased. Sometimes you just need to remember that you do not need to run around without a break to get the full experience – relax and chill for a bit.

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